Benefits of Friends With Kids


Friends BondingSo here’s the deal. When you have a child, your life is no longer about you. It’s not a bad thing considering you now get to grow with your child. But let’s face it, you miss adult conversation and could use a little break every once and awhile. What you need are friends with kids!


Those who don’t have kids have no idea how stressful it is to take your kids out in public, bedtime comes early, you don’t mess with schedules and the list goes on. The biggest one I’ve encountered with my kid-less friends is that, believe it or not, my son cannot watch himself. I have to find a sitter given a decent amount of time, or if I take him with me, I will most likely be chasing him around rather than focusing on our activity.

When you have friends with kids they just get it. You can relate on a level that only personal experience can provide. If you get together with your friends with kids, it’s great socialization and it wears the kiddos out, making for better sleep. Your friends with kids also know if you want to do something sans kids, you need to schedule it out about a few months ahead of time.


Now I don’t want those who don’t have kids to get their feelings hurt. We want to hang out with you too. That’s why we hire sitters and pretend we don’t have kids at least once a month – maybe not all of us, but I certainly try. I also know there are exceptions to the rule, but I’m talking about the majority here.


Trust me when I say that sometimes I desperately want to go to concerts, stay out late, go shopping, etc. But it doesn’t sound that appealing when you have to wake up with a screaming child at 5am while your kid-less friend gets to sleep until noon. Shopping is hopeless because you end up in the kid section wanting to buy something that puts a smile on your kids’ face.

At the end of the day, a happy baby and happy parents equal happy life. So for the time being, make sure to have a few friends with kids and find yourself less stressed and having fun!

What is your experience with friends with kids versus friends without kids?


  1. We were probably one of the last in our group of friends to have kids, so I was pretty used to that, but I had to laugh about you mentioning finding yourself on a shopping trip in the kids’ section to find something to make your little happy. Somehow nearly every date night finds us in Target shopping for a “treat” for our kids. And he doesn’t even like to shop!

  2. We had a lot of friends have kids around the same time we did, so it was a nice transition to meeting up for happy hours and late night dinners, to family get togethers and this year we had a NYE party where we all wore pajamas, the kids all played, and we toasted with the Brazilians at 8pm so everyone could head home and put the kids to bed. It is fun to have a supportive group around you that you can raise your babies with.


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