Me & Horses Birthday Party


HelmetsWe recently had my son’s 5th birthday party at Me and Horses in Weatherford and it was a blast!  I know it is a little drive from Fort Worth, but we had a great time and would highly recommend it.  Parties last for 2 hours:  1 hour of riding and 1 hour for the party.  The party is set up for 10 children but additional children can be added for an additional cost.

Our party was from 3-5 pm.  When we showed up, they were getting the horses ready to go.  It took a little time to unload the car, but as soon as we were done with that the party started.


Planning the Party

Me and Horses

I love planning my children’s birthday parties.  I always start thinking about it about 6 months in advance.  I know that sounds crazy but I am such a planner and I need to get everything ironed out as soon as possible.

We usually have their birthday parties at our house but this year I wanted to do something a little different.  Our family is quite big so there always ends up being around 30 people (adults and kids) at our party.  We haven’t ventured into the friend’s birthday party yet.

Both of my children have summer birthdays.  I like to do fun outside things with the kids.  This year I thought horse riding would be fun.  My son has never been on a horse but he always says he wants one.  I grew up in the country and my parents still live there so he sees animals all the time.

The planning for this party was super simple.  I ordered invitations with a farm theme.  They were super cute.  I had a little mess up with the invitations but that is a whole other story!  I also didn’t have a plan any activities for the party since we were going to be riding horses.  It is so much fun to have someone else do those things for you.

The Cake


I have always had someone else make the cake for me.  I am usually still trying to get my house together and get other food prepped.  There was no way I was going to try and tackle making a cake too.  This year, since I didn’t have to get the house pretty or anything, I decided to make the cake or cupcakes.  My son LOVES chocolate just like his mama.  He wanted chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and I had to deliver.  I have to say, they turned out really well.  I made them that morning and it didn’t take too much time.




I didn’t do anything for decorations for the party.  I had every intention of making super cute flags for the cupcakes and cute signs for all the food and drinks, but I didn’t get around to it.  It turned out that was best because the wind blew like crazy.  I had my cupcake stand ready to go and the wind even blew too hard to put that up.  So my decorations ended up being a jug full of homemade lemonade, a bowl of chex mix, and a plate of fruit kabobs.  Nothing big, but it turned out great.

Planning your next party

My best advice to give when you start planning your next party is not to try to do too much.  I usually try to do too much when I start planning and I have a hard time getting it all finished.  I’m so glad that I toned it down a little bit this time.  I’m also so happy that I made the time to make the cupcakes for my son.  Check out Me and Horses if you are looking for a great party venue. Danette was wonderful to work with!

Getting on Horse



What other venues do you like for kids’ parties?


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