Beachin' at Granbury City Beach Park


Well, August has arrived. If you’re anything like me, you’re longing for the excitement of summer that has now turned into “Good grief, is it almost time for school to start?” I’m dragging, my kids are bored, and I’m at a loss about how to keep them busy and fill our calendar for almost another month.

Enter: Water.

It’s the ultimate, all-encompassing entertainment for kids and adults alike. It also uses tons of energy resulting in good eaters and great sleepers. Usually.

Last summer, our family had a summer stay-cation. Our youngest daughter was only a few months old and it just made the most sense to enjoy the attractions available to us without actually leaving town. One of the places on our list was Granbury City Beach Park. We’d only heard about this magical place, and once we were able to enjoy a summer afternoon there, we were hooked.

Playing in the sand and shallow water.

The beach is just that…a beach in the middle of the DFW Metroplex! The website boasts loads of sand from the Texas coastline were trucked in to create this white sand beach. The water is clean and calm since it’s actually Lake Granbury and, obviously, not the ocean.


The beach access is FREE, there’s plenty of parking available, several covered picnic tables and best of all, there’s also a Splash Pad! When the littlest members of your family need some water-play too, the Splash Pad is the perfect compromise. Plus, if you want to avoid the sand and only play in the Splash Pad, it’s totally do-able based on its location.

Fun at the Splash Pad @ Granbury City Beach Park

Last summer, both my girls had a blast and we had trouble getting them to leave. My oldest loved playing in the shallow water and digging in the sand. My youngest enjoyed eating the sand.

Taken last summer. She’s so much bigger now…sigh.

This year, for Father’s Day, we packed a picnic lunch and spent a few hours at the beach. Sadly, the drought our area has experienced resulted in a receded water-line, but there was still plenty of play space both in the water and in the sand. We also spent plenty of time playing in the fresh water of the Splash Pad!

Whether you’re looking for an activity to break-up the summer doldrums for just a few hours, or looking for an all-day, whole-family excursion, head on over to Granbury City Beach Park. It’s a great way to enjoy the last of these summer days!

Have you been to the beach in Granbury? What are your favorite summer water activities?


  1. Awesome!! I didn’t know about that hidden jewel!! I am not typically a lake person because the lakes we have to choose from are gross. 🙁 I definitely want to try this out!!! Thanks so much for the great info!


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