When Your Kids Start School


Am I the only one that thought things were supposed to get easier when your kids start school?  I mean, I made it past the hard newborn days with little sleep, successfully potty trained my toddler… I thought I had made it.  I could “relax” now with my daughter at school.  Boy, was I wrong.

school bus

Kindergarten was rough.  Not for my daughter – she had a blast and came home every day excited about going back tomorrow.  She loved her teacher, her friends, recess, lunch, learning, there wasn’t a single thing about school that she didn’t enjoy.  No, kindergarten was rough for ME.

I don’t think I was fully prepared for the demands my daughter being in school would put on me.  Keeping up with papers, preparing lunches, ensuring field trip forms made it back to school, helping out at parties, attending meetings and PTA events.  Suddenly I had a new appreciation for all the things my mom did for me during my school career.  After a few weeks we finally found a routine – homework, dinner, bath, bed.  By the time I got home from work, cooked dinner, helped her finish her homework (every day – she had homework every day! In kindergarten!), gave her a bath, helped her pick out clothes for the next day, it was time for bed!

I had always heard people say that “once my kids get in school, I will go back to work”.  For me, this proved to be the opposite.  I decided to leave my career half way through my daughter’s first year of kindergarten.  Our new routine and schedule demands were a big factor in my decision to become a stay-at-home mom.  I had to use vacation time to take off work (which was in Dallas) to attend my daughter’s perfect attendance ceremony, be a chaperone on field trips, help with holiday parties, etc.  I wanted to be more involved in her school life than my full-time job would allow.  It’s such a personal decision to work or stay home with your kids, there is no right answer, only what is best for your family.  As it turns out, I was a better mom working those first few years, and staying home now that she is in school.

Are you looking forward to your kiddo being in school?  Those of you with school-aged children, what tips do you have to make it easier?



  1. I chose to stay at home from the very beginning when we started a family and I am often asked if I will go back to work when the kids start school. But always wonder why people think it gets easier when the kids start school – you confirmed for me again, Emily, that kids need us even more as they get older. Great post!


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