Happy Grandparents Day!


As Grandparents Day quickly approaches, it’s time to reflect on how much they mean to us. My husband and I hold our grandparents very close to our hearts. We often swap stories about how we spent time with them as kids and how they influenced us. We even named our son Jack Luis after the grandfathers of my husband and me, respectively. Those two spectacular men are no longer in our lives, but we are honoring them every day through our son.

Although we miss our grandfathers, we count ourselves fortunate to have all of our remaining grandparents still alive. I love that special holidays, like Grandparents Day, serve as another reason to tell them how much I love them and how much they mean to me. Our grandparents live out of state, so this year we will be sending homemade cards and chatting online via iChat to celebrate them.


When we had our son, I was was so excited for our parents to turn into grandparents. I am excited for Jack Luis to be close to them and create amazing memories that he will share with the love of his life and his children, just as we have. He turned two in June and is starting to really understand who they are; it is so much fun to see him get excited to talk to them and see them. Jack’s grandparents also live out of town, so we have plans to celebrate when they visit and we will likewise use the good ol’ iChat this Sunday to wish them a Happy Grandparent’s Day.

IMG_2481If you are lucky enough to be able to celebrate Grandparents Day in Fort Worth, there are many ways you can celebrate. You can stroll the Botanic Gardens, take them to one of our great local restaurants, and visit the Stockyards or the museums! The Fort Worth Musuem of Science and History has a special story time, guest speaker in the Imaginer Studio and lots of fun activities for kids of all ages. Above all, make sure you do something to celebrate those special grandparents in your life!


How will you celebrate the grandparents in your life?


  1. I love that your grandparents iChat! This is such a sweet post. Grandparents leave such a lasting legacy in our lives. And I’ve actually never celebrated Grandparents Day, so thank you for giving it some attention!


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