Say No to Overalls (and Other Fall Fashion Tips)


Fashion has always provided an opportunity for me to bring my inside out. I would scour thrift stores in high school for the one-of-a-kind statement piece, and I wore an orange shift dress underneath my college graduation gown long before orange was cool.

Motherhood has me in a bit of a fashion dilemma. 5 out of 7 days my hair is knotted on top of my head (thank GOD for the messy bun comeback). I could easily spend several full weekdays in yoga pants, and my perfume of choice is Spit Up De’ Oliver.

I’m going to challenge myself this season to get re-acquainted with my self and my style. To create a confident, put together version of me that can still romp around on the floor with my messy little boys.

Here’s how I’m going to get it done:

1. A layering tank. My all-time favorite tank tops are actually Liz Lange maternity tanks from Target that I didn’t discover until halfway through my second pregnancy. I’m now 9 months postpartum and have bought three more in a smaller size. I would recommend them to anyone with a growing belly or for anyone who likes a little bit of length without compromising fit. A good layering tank underneath makes even shlubby t-shirts look more on purpose.

2. A button up that does not require dry cleaning (see spit up reference above). I prefer a long, almost tunic style shirt that is thin enough to be tucked in or layered, and long enough to cover my bum bum if I wear leggings. I think it’s important to have a white button up for the crisp, “I do really important things” statement, but I’m also THRILLED that chambray seems to be sticking around for a while.

Not every mother has a stylist, makeup artist, and full time nanny. Then again, not every mother wants to.
Not every mother has a stylist, makeup artist, and full time nanny. Then again, not every mother wants to.

3. A fan-freakin-tastic pair of jeans. OK, I know the argument. Why would I spend $70+ on a pair of jeans when I can get a pair for $19 at {insert megastore here}. And I get it. I used to make the same argument until I found jeans that hug my grown-up body in all the right places, with just enough spandex to ensure no spill-over. Jeans should not fit like sausage casing, nor should they make your bottom look like a 14-year old boy who forgot his belt. Buy one or two pairs that make you feel fabulous and consider it a well-earned investment. You’ve brought tiny people into the world and are teaching them how to be kind, responsible citizens…you deserve a pair of jeans.

4. A jacket that represents your personality. Last year, it was the floral swing jacket. This year, though very tempted to get into the military trend, I’ve chosen to do the leather motorcycle jacket thing. It makes me feel edgy and a little bit cool…adjectives that sometimes seem out of reach in this season of mom-hood. A jacket finishes an outfit nicely without making it look like a business suit, and if cooler weather ever does come to stay, it’s important to have layering possibilities.

5. Something from the 90s. Several of the grunge decade trends are cycling through for their second run. My vote is to pick just one of these trends. Plaid, doc martens, and dark lipstick seem to be the most convenient and least controversial. Other options include overalls, which are unflattering on the most attractive bodies, and cropped tops that should only be allowed in the locker room. But definitely pick one 90s comeback to try…you might be pushing 75 before the opportunity comes around again.

Have you found ways to incorporate style in your daily routine and not just on date nights? Or do you feel like a good outfit is ‘wasted’ unless you’ve got somewhere to show it off? Do your styles stay pinned on a Pinterest board titled “Things to wear once the kids are in college” or are you a brave, fashion forward mom?

What are YOU wearing this fall?

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Jody hid in the hills of Missouri until her husband, Caleb, rescued her and made her a Mrs . . . at least that’s the story he tells. A mere four years in and they’ve added a brilliant, big-hearted boy, Jude(2010) and an equally endearing, Oliver(2013) to their family. Still pretty amazed at the fact that she grew too tiny humans when she can’t even keep a rubber tree plant alive, Jody recently stopped traveling with a ministry conference team to stay at home and rough and tumble around with her boys. She loves Jesus, coffee, and big sunglasses, and keeps her inner gypsy alive by traveling whenever she gets the chance.


  1. I am sad you told me “no-no” on the overalls but LOVE the leather bomber jacket. I have a cream one I have had for years and even when I just throw it on over my jeans and a tshirt, I feel awesome in it and like I am a bad a$$ mama! 😉


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