Sick Kids Are No Fun


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It’s that time of year – flu and cold season. I love cooler weather, but my goodness! It seems as though as soon as we get done with allergy season the sickness starts to swarm your home. I know that 3 year olds love to pick their boogies, and it is a lovely age where they seem to come up with all sorts of nasty habits. My son Connor is in a licking phase. He will straight up go and lick a counter or a wall.  Why? I have no clue. How is that appealing to anyone? I don’t know.

“Just because every other kid at school is licking the bathroom sink doesn’t mean you should honey.” – A convo I never thought I’d have with my 3-year-old…

Let me just break down a day last week for you. I got us all ready that morning, and from what I remember, he was just fine. We made a quick Starbucks run, I dropped him off at school, and I arrived at work and began to get settled in…. “Ring” “Ring”.

School:  “Hi this is MB from Connor’s school. He just threw up all over the playground & normally I wouldn’t call but it was a lot.”

Me:  “OMG. Okay well let me get things settled here and I’ll be there soon to pick him up.”  (At least it was outside right?)

So I picked up my sickhead and we headed home. We watched a few episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and napped. Unfortunately my days as an occasional stay at home mom are spent with a sick child. He is all cuddles and cuteness, but that comes with a lot of attitude and whining. Oh my – the whining. I put him to bed early.  My ears are still ringing from that day. In the back of my mind all I could think was “Dear God I have to be at work tomorrow, please let this kid wake up in a decent state of health.”

Ready or not here it comes. Moms may the force be with you, along with a can of Lysol and Wet Wipes. We were lucky this time – no flu in our house.

It is never easy when you get the dreaded call at work to come pick up your child. Any working mom tips for balancing sick kiddos and taking time off?


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