DIY Thanksgiving Crafts


craftsWhen it comes to holidays, I love to decorate. In fact my hubby may say I overdo it, as if there could be such a thing! I love my house being festive for whatever holiday it may be.

My two favorite holidays to decorate for are Halloween and Christmas, and with Thanksgiving being smack in between the two, I tend to just relax a bit before the craziness that is Christmas decorating. But I simply cannot let my house go the whole month of November without any festive decor. I don’t do much, but I do have some sweet little homemade keepsake crafts that adorn my house and make me smile every time I look at them!

Thanks to Pinterest, I have been able to improve my Thanksgiving decor, and I am excited to share two crafts in particular that I think you will love.

First up is a super cute family tree!


Here’s what you’ll need:  

–  8×10 canvas

– Fall themed scrapbook paper

– Paint for the canvas

– Glue

– This template

First thing you want to do is paint your canvas and let it dry. While drying, print out the template and trace it against the patterned paper or fabric you want your tree and branches to be. Then do the same for your leaves. Also, print out family members names on leaves. Once you have everything cut out, begin gluing everything in the place you want it. Super easy and a perfect craft to let the kiddos be involved in!

Another great DIY craft are these sweet little turkey hand print lights.

turkeyprintHere’s what you’ll need:

– A glass block

– Various fall color paint

– Stickers of your choosing

– A small string of Christmas lights

– Ribbon optional

First thing you want to do is grab your kiddos, as this craft is also an excellent one to do together – they will love helping out since it involves paint! Paint their palm brown and each finger a different color. Press their hand down and let dry. Once dry, take a sharpie and color in eyes, feet, and gobbler. Then you can add whatever stickers, names, or phrases you like to it. Pop in the lights and you’re done! I also added the year to the back of the block so I can remember when we made it.  I love having this turned on at night – such a sweet little keepsake to have of your little’s hand print, and I love that it is on something a little more substantial than paper.

So there are my two crafts! Thanks Pinterest for giving me some great ideas, and I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to dress up your home this November!

Have you done a Thanksgiving craft with your kids? Tell us about it and put a link (if it is pinterest) in the comments!


  1. Hi there, Tara! I’m so glad you enjoyed recreating my “Fall Family Tree” craft, but I would really appreciate it if you’d give credit to my blog with a link so that some of the people that are pinning it can visit the original source if they want.

    I’m sure the other crafter would appreciate the credit too, so we can share in the traffic.

    Here’s the link to my original post:




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