A Day in the Life of this SAHM


We celebrated my daughter’s first birthday this past weekend.  It was also my first anniversary as a stay at home mother of two.  I continually wonder if my experience at home is similar to other SAHMs.  For the first several months, no day was the same, and getting out of the house with both of them seemed to take super human strength.  But I persevered, and most days we got out because we all needed it!  Now we’re in a groove, so here’s a typical day for this full time SAHM.

5:10 AM: My alarm goes off.  I annoyingly hit snooze every 9 minutes until 5:30.  I am such a joy to live with.

5:30 AM: I jump out of bed and dress to workout, wondering if these will be the clothes I wear all day long.  I brush my teeth.  Nothing but the best for the girls in my barre class.  Off I go!

7:20 AM: I arrive home, most days finding my firstborn sitting quietly trying to wake up on the couch.  My second born is a late sleeper, praise the Lord.  If they both sleep late, it makes it infinitely easier to shower and get ready, which sometimes happens (quickly!) in these moments.

8:00 AM: We all eat something that once was frozen.  Waffles for me, pancakes for them.  We bid adieu to Daddy as he leaves to make those nickels and dimes.

8 AM – 9 AM: A power struggle ensues to decide whether I will watch The TODAY Show or they will watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Jake and the Neverland Pirates/Sophia.  Some days I just need a little of the KLG and Hoda crazy to make me feel sane.  Thanks, Ladies.

9 AM: My one year old goes down for an hour nap.  Usually I engage my three year old in helping me with some task.  Laundry (he’s great at getting things out of the dryer), picking up the blocks that somehow have exploded ALL over the house in an hour, or in the first 5 minutes they’ve been awake.  You understand.

10 AM: I frantically try to find socks for everyone and get them to keep their shoes on so we can get out the door.  I’m so ready for spring weather so I don’t have to keep up with coats too.  I load them into the car, and my three year old goes through the checklist: “Mommy, you have your phone?  Your keys?  What about your bag?”  He’s the best.  I can’t exactly remember where I lost my short-term memory, but it’s gone.

Mid-morning: Our daily outing.  Today, that’s grocery shopping.  Sometimes it’s an indoor play place, the FWMSH, or the Zoo.  Sometimes it’s a restaurant with a playground.  That’s a real winner–then lunch is taken care of too!  Other days, my son is in preschool, so that coming and going takes up our day.

11:30 AM – 1-ish:  I figure out lunch.  If you’ve ever had a preschooler, you can imagine what this scene looks like: “Six more bites, and you can have a cookie.”  “How about four more bites?”  “I said SIX, and you love mac and cheese!”  He knows his numbers very well.

1 PM:  Naptime for the two of them.  This might be the only moment I’ve had to sit down and take a deep breath.  I take a diet coke break, then quickly move along to whatever tasks I need to accomplish.  Showering takes precedence before a call to our insurance company, some party decoration crafting, and a few blogging items.

3:30 PM:  They’re awake and wanting a snack.  I want one too.  We play in our new toy room, which was a nice study before we had children.  I try my best to keep the toys from migrating too far out of their domain.  We play hard until it’s time to start supper.  The TV is usually our background noise.

5 PM: We’re in the kitchen.  Everyone wants a piece of this action.  The baby knows where to find her drawer, containing the mate-less tupperware pieces, languishing until I decide to de-hoard.  My son pulls up a chair to help me with whatever it is I am throwing together since I failed to meal plan (again) this week.  We count scoops, talk about safety in the kitchen, and he absolutely loves it.  And finally…


Daddy arrives home!  We’re all so excited to see him.  Bless the man’s heart, he hears this recap daily.  I still feel the need to prove I didn’t just sit on the couch all day long.  (I promise I didn’t, even if the blocks are all over the house AGAIN.)

7 PM: It’s bath time, which is thankfully a unified parental team effort.

8:30: Lights out for the kiddos.

We catch up on our shows until our own bedtime, ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

Does your day sound like this or completely different?


  1. I love how you recap your day to your husband just to prove you havnt been sittinf on the couch all day, haha!

    One day, i was actually texting my husband every couple of hours what I was doing to prove the same thing lol


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