Easy, Oven Roasted Chicken

Even before cooking, it looks delicious!

How often does your family depend upon the rotisserie chickens from the deli at your local grocery store? If your family is anything like mine, I’m sure it’s pretty often! Those rotisserie chickens are delicious and I still use them on occasion, but a year or two ago I decided surely I could make one myself. Plus I have this amazing Le Creuset dutch oven that is one of the centerpieces of my culinary tool belt and I just love an excuse to use it.

You can find whole fryer chickens right next to the boneless, skinless chicken breasts in your neighborhood grocery store. Don’t let them scare you just because they have skin and bones! Every one I’ve ever purchased has all the giblets (or insides) neatly packaged in a plastic bag that is nestled in the cavity of the bird. Just pull it out and toss it. Some people make gravy out of it…shudder.

I’ve managed to create a nice little spice rub that makes a delicious roast chicken and you can easily do it at home.  I recently started adding vegetables, including red potatoes, that when fried up the following morning make an AMAZING breakfast taco! If you have room in your pot, you can easily make 2 of these at once and use roasted chicken leftovers all week long!

Since this meal takes several hours in the oven, it’s usually a weekend meal for us. However, it’s super easy and would make a wonderful week night meal if you have the time to cook!

Cook up some steamed green vegetables, some rice pilaf and use the leftover liquid in the pot to make a nice pan gravy and you’ve got yourself a wonderfully fulfilling dinner!

Click on the image below for the printable recipe!

Easy Oven Roasted Chicken

What is your favorite use for a rotisserie chicken?


  1. Brandi – how big is your dutch oven? I have a huge roasting pan or a small dutch oven…nothing in between. Want to get my an awesome Le Creuset dutch oven!


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