Belly Diaries: The No Fluff Hospital Bag


Daddy and IslaAt 38 weeks pregnant with my second child I decided it was probably time to pack my hospital bag for labor and delivery. It had been about two and half years since I packed my bag for Jack and I didn’t remember what I had put in it. If you search for what goes in one, you will get all sort of bags -some would even be considered large suitcases. I decided to stock one full based on my research but after my experience, I realized I had it all wrong. A very good friend of mine is having her second baby soon and hence the idea for this post was born. Here is your no fluff hospital bag (that I wish I had brought with me).

For you, during labor

  • Your smart phone would be ideal with charger! You could load books, music, keep up with social networks etc.
  • Socks. Your feet might get cold and you don’t want to touch the cold hospital floors with bare feet.
  • Pillow. Hospital pillows are not real… they shouldn’t even be allowed to be called pillows. You will want to bring your nice fluffy pillow from home. If you are worried about getting nice pillow cases dirty, buy one especially for your L&D experience. Have fun with it. If you are having a girl, go pink and frilly. This will also help you distinguish between kids in pictures taken.
  • Lip stuff. My lips were so chapped and I wish I had brought my favorite lip balm. Luckily my husband had some.

After birth

  • SNACKS! You will be starving and graham crackers and peanut butter with juice just doesn’t cut it… I suggest snacks with protein like jerky, protein bars, etc. Our friends brought me fresh fruit and that was amazing!
  • A couple rolls of very soft toilet paper. Why on Earth do hospitals think its okay to go cheapy on the toilet paper? They give you drugs and everything else to make you comfortable but they give you sandpaper for toilet paper. Be kind to your baby making parts!
  • Fresh pillow case for your pillow.
  • Flip flops for the shower. You are using a public shower- ‘nough said.
  • 3 or 4 nursing bras/tops. If you aren’t nursing, bring comfortable clothes.
  • Cheap full brief underwear you wouldn’t mind literally ditching at the hospital.
  • Your toiletries. Keep it simple. You really don’t need all your make up and creams. Don’t forget deodorant, tooth brush and tooth paste.
  • Going home outfit. This should be loose and comfortable clothing. Make sure to dress according to the weather. I packed a tank top and pants and I had a February delivery…duh, good thing my husband had an extra sweatshirt.

For your significant other

  • Smart phone and charger. No brainer. It also serves as a camera.
  • Drinks and snacks. You don’t want them leaving and chance them missing the birth.
  • Pillow and warm clothing. Their sleep situations usually aren’t very comfortable at all.
  • NOTHING ELSE! They will have enough to cart around.

For baby

  • Car Seat. No ifs, ands, or buts.  Have the base already installed and the seat unpacked from the box and adjusted to newborn settings.
  • Going home outfit that can also double as first photo outfit. (A photographer will come by your room and offer pictures to purchase. The first time we had no idea and went for it only to find out it was like $100 to get a print. We declined the offer with the second child and set up a photo session after about a week.) Again dress according to weather. If it’s cold, pack blankets and warm clothing.
  • NOTHING ELSE! The hospital will provide diapers, wipes, a beanie, a shirt and blankets for your baby. Don’t fill a bag full of outfits and such. I did, and I didn’t change her once. You will have plenty of time to play dress up… don’t worry!


Biggest tip. Keep it simple and think about comfort!

What were the must-haves in your hospital bag?

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Isis and her husband, Lee, are owners of enduraLAB, Fort Worth’s first endurance gym and proud parents to Jack and Isla. Isis blogs about her running adventures, which coincidentally involve chasing after her 2 year old, on her blog called The Running Couple. If you don’t catch her at the gym or on the trails, she is reading books with the babe, painting her nails with bright colors or cooking up paleo meals for the fam. She is a bit of a social butterfly, so follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and join her Facebook Group - Fort Worth Moms.


  1. We live just minutes from the hospital where I delivered my children and had very short stays so it wasn’t a big deal but I did not bring a hoppy either time and just wrestled with the hospital pillows when nursing. Next time, I will definitely bring my boppy!


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