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I’m about as far as you can get from a gardening expert. In fact, I’m terrified of most of the animals sharing my yard, including, but not limited to, a very large lizard I’ve affectionately named Herb. Thankfully, my mother-in-law is extremely talented and has tirelessly answered my questions for many years. With her help, I’ve discovered there are a few plants I can actually grow. And if I can do it, so can you! The plants I’m sharing with you are truly little-to-no maintenance. A perfect choice for this busy mom! IMG_8195 Some of my favorite spring flowers are Larkspur. They grow tall and slender and move with the breeze. They’re just lovely. They come in an array of colors and are super easy. The reward is so much greater than the effort. You can buy the plants now for color a little later in the Spring . . . OR . . .

  • In October, grab a few bags of cow manure and spread a thin layer in your beds.
  • Next, sprinkle some Larkspur seeds (either self-harvested or purchased from your local garden store) on top of the manure.
  • Once you lay down the seeds, gently rake the manure to “fold-in” the seeds. Give it nice spray with the water hose, and ta-da, you’re done. You’ll lose some of the seeds to wind and hungry birds, but it won’t be enough to make a difference!

IMG_8205I also have yellow Columbine growing in my front beds. These are perennials, which means you don’t do any planting year after year. They take very little work. You can pick up these plants at your local garden store. (I also saw them being sold at the Botanic Garden Plant Sale last April!) I was lucky my mother-in-law brought over lots of baby plants from her yard. She assured me they would fill in even though what we she planted looked like nothing at the time! A little water, a trim when they look like they need it, the right location (the shade), and I almost can’t believe the photo is from MY flower bed. As these guys start to look wilted, just cut off the browning part at the base of the plant. You’ll either encourage new growth or you’ll have a dormant green plant until next Spring!

If you don’t have the space or the desire to plant in actual beds but still want pretty flowers, no need to worry! Pot gardens are great!IMG_8199

  • Go to the plant store and ask for help if you need it. Use the knowledge of the people working at places like Plant Shed and Calloways. They can be especially helpful when determining which plants work well together in the same lighting location.
  • When I went last time, I packed my cart with different textures and height. I made sure to pick up flowering plants and fillers. This is a great opportunity for the kiddos to get involved! I let my 5-year-old pick some of her own plants; you’d have thought I’d given her a million dollars.
  • Once home, start planting! I start in the center and work my way out. Start with the flowers in the middle and work outwards adding filler plants and height near the perimeter. If I see open space, I’m putting a plant there. Once stuffed, it looks as though you’ve been growing them for months. Be sure to give these beauties plenty of water, especially once we hit the 100 degree days. Note that the pots don’t hold water like the ground does–a lesson I learned the hard way!

Happy gardening!

What are your favorite flowers/plants? What plants grow well in your yard? What’s the best gardening tip you’ve received?

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Brandi is the proud Mrs. to her high school sweetheart, mother to 2 amazing little girls, Addisen and Charlotte, and a photography enthusiast. She’s a Fort Worth native who is intentional about her marriage and raising little ladies in today’s society. From a stay-at-home mom who avidly avoids housework to a lover of designer duds who shops the clearance racks, she’s a walking contradiction. Join her candid discussion on all things wife and mom at and follow her lovable wit on Twitter.


  1. We plant Plumbagos in our beds in our sunny backyard every year. They always fill in beautifully and take up the whole beds so no need for lots of other plants.

    One tip I like to do is run by the Lowe’s Discount (AKA, scraggly and possibly on their last leg) section. I bought 3 Carolina Jasmine (evergreen climbing vine that has yellow flowers the butterflies love) that were looking not so great but definitely still alive for $1.25 each! I trimmed them down to nothing, replanted them and gave them lots of water during the summer. They have now covered a whole section of my fence. It was fun to have a project and know that I would only be out less than $5 if they didn’t work out.

    Another tip – JUST DO IT. I am a total perfectionist and planner and for the longest time I would spend so much time trying to perfectly plan out the beds that I would never get them done. Now I watch when Plant Shed (I LOVE the one in Benbrook) is having a sale or I get a Calloway’s coupon in the mail and head up there to pick out some pretty plants. I make sure they are right for shade/sun and don’t worry about the rest. It has really been so much more fun and the beds might not look professionally laid out (and I have learned to space plants better over the years) but I enjoy watching them grow. Kids and I are working on making one of our beds a butterfly bed this year with lots of colorful flowers – LARKSPUR being one of them!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, Brandi. I could spend all day with my hands deep in the dirt!


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