Bella’s Story Time at the BRIT


Bella's Story Time CollageRaise your hand if you are constantly looking for ways to tire your active children so that you might get about two hours (if lucky) of down time a day.

::raises both hands::

Lately I’ve been in such a rut of just taking my son to the park or letting him run around our gym until lunch. I’m sure he doesn’t think it’s a rut, but mama needs a change of scenery every once and awhile. So, I decided to try Bella’s Story Time at the BRIT (held on select Tuesdays and Saturdays).

First, the BRIT is a beautiful new building that I’ve been dying to go inside and explore. I heard about Bella’s Story Time on countless accounts but just kept putting it off, saying, “I’ll go next month.” Well, finally I just took a gander on the website and saw that you could register for story time online. That was the final straw. They make it too easy to put off any longer! With a cost of $10 per family, you can’t go wrong. (Note is it free with BRIT membership and definitely encourage you looking into this if you plan to attend their events often or if you are an avid gardener – check out the partnership they have with Calloway’s!)

Upon arriving, there was plenty of parking and finding the entrance was no problem at all (unlike other museums and such). In the main lobby, they had a table to sign in and a woman, holding Bella the stuffed plant, to greet us. Each child received a journal with information about what we were going to learn about. The binder had extra pages for them to draw on and to tape flowers, plants, and grass they discovered in the Prairie. We were then split into two groups with one group going to a classroom with activities and the other group going to the library for story time.

BRITSplitting the groups was nice because there were quite a few of us. Jack had a blast in the activities center painting, building, counting, and playing with sand. The activities were very well organized and kept all the children entertained for about 45 minutes. We then switched with the other group and headed up to story time.

Bella's Story TimeStory time was good, but at that point, Jack was getting a little antsy and probably hungry. In hindsight, I think story time first would have been better for him and most of the under 5 crowd. They read a book, danced, and sang . . . what more could a kid want, right? On the way out, you could explore the grounds picking leaves and flowers to put in your journal and take home. Jack thought that was the coolest thing mostly because I wasn’t telling him to stop ;).

There are so many neat programs and things to do in our city. It’s just a matter of doing it even if it’s not as convenient or seems a little out of the way.

What are your favorite Fort Worth programs for kids?


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