Load ‘Em Up, Move ‘Em Out



As I sit down to write this final post, I’m surrounded by boxes containing all the “things” that represent my life. The home my husband and I have been building for the last 11 years has essentially been disassembled and crammed into boxes.

The decision to leave Ft. Worth has been, at times, gut-wrenching. This is the only home I’ve ever known. I’m a Ft. Worth GIRL. I was born here, raised here, and up until this point, have raised my children here. With the exception of the four years I spent in College Station, Ft. Worth has always been home. It is with a heavy heart we leave Ft. Worth. We’re leaving behind family, friends, and a community we’ve grown with, changed with, embraced, and loved. We chose to take back the 2.5-3 hours a day my husband spends commuting and are relocating to the Plano area in just a few short weeks.

When I think back on my life here in Ft. Worth, I’m surprised at how much a Ft. Worthian I really am! I was born on Carswell AFB (now the Naval Air Station in West Ft. Worth) when my mom was in the service. I remember visiting the Fort Worth Zoo as a child. I remember visiting the Science Museum when it was still dark and somewhat creepy (not like today’s museum after its fabulous facelift). I remember the Omni Theater as a kid . . . that helicopter ride at the beginning is always enjoyable! I’m a product of the FWISD and have spent countless hours in those football stadiums and gymnasiums. I’m a member of the Junior League and love serving this community. My engagement party was at Joe T’s. I’ve had portraits taken at the Botanic Gardens. We were married at Robert Carr Chapel. We’ve enjoyed countless restaurants and bars. We love the FW CATS games at LaGrave Field. We’ve taken in several performances at Bass Hall and Casa Mañana. I’ve worn my boots to Billy Bob’s, and watched the cattle drive on more than one occasion. Date night still means we will regularly end up in Sundance Square.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that I’ve always embraced my life in Ft. Worth. I’ve never had to struggle to feel at home here . . .  and I’m quick to correct people who think Ft. Worth and Dallas are the same! I’ve been a child here. I’ve been a teenager here. I’ve been a young adult here. I’ve been a married professional here, and now, I’m a mom here. No matter what, Ft. Worth has risen to the occasion. I’ve found plenty in this city to cater to my needs, no matter how drastically they might have changed!

So, If you’re just getting here to my fair city, welcome! You’re going to love it here. If you’ve been here a while, enjoy it! You never know when you may be facing a decision to leave. If you’re on your way out of Ft. Worth like I am, I hope you enjoyed your time here. I don’t know about you, but no matter where I go, Ft. Worth, Cowtown, you will always be home.

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