Jack’s Special Delivery: Mom Review of Little Pnuts {Sponsored Post & Giveaway}


jack little pnutsDing dong! Jack yells, “MOM, SOMEONE’S HERE.” He’s rushing to the door to open it, and I’m yelling at him something fierce like, “Don’t you open that door.”

I open the door and to my delight is a little brown box marked special delivery for Jack Hargrave. “It’s for you, Jack,” I tell him as I hand him the box. He asks me if it’s his birthday, and I giggle. “No, it’s because you are special and have been a good boy.”

We were given a chance to try a box from Little Pnuts, a subscription service that sends gender and age appropriate toys once a quarter. They are a company that is concerned with the rise in childhood obesity and illiteracy. They want to encourage families to unplug from technology and engage in creative play with each other. Imagine. Create. Play.

When Jack opened the box there was a little pamphlet for the parents that explained the contents and the retail value of each other. I was surprised to see that one item (the wooden grill) was retailed to be $25.

Little Pnuts BoxThe gifts that were sent were more than perfect for Jack. Here’s why:

  • Be Cook wooden grill: My husband has been a grilling machine this summer, and Jack is always wanting to help. When he saw the grill in the box, his eyes got so big. He was so excited to grill like daddy!
  • Flying Bird Cup & Ball: Jack love challenges, and he will stay fixated on things until he gets them, which is great for when I need to tend to baby.
  • Flute: Oh my musical child. I would never ever think to get this for him, but he loves it. We pretend we have a band with daddy on the drums and mama on the maracas.
  • Bisou Doudou: This was by far my favorite. It’s a card game you play with your child before bedtime! We’ve been struggling to get him to bed with the daylight lasting longer. Now he gets to play his special game where you can win songs, kisses, tickles, etc., and you get to put a little friend to bed. So cute and also something I would never find on my own.

Jack Playing with Pnuts BoxI love this little box of goodies. I would definitely recommend gifting this or even signing up for it on your own. Thanks Little Pnuts!

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