I Am a Fort Worth Mama: Erinn Anderson


Erinn Anderson_resizedThe role of mother often (or maybe always?) includes hours of sacrifice. Some days that sacrifice is freely given with patience, joy, and gentle tones. At other moments, the sacrifice seems too onerous, stretching us too close to breaking.

When your resolve feels weary, let this month’s Fort Worth Mama be your inspiration. Erinn Anderson, a native Cowtown gal, mothers an energetic 4.5-year-old daughter and an infant son (born in May). Her only stint away from Fort Worth was during her college days at Baylor University, but then returned to complete her graduate degree. She married Devin seven years ago and settled into family life–the ups and downs of career, hubby, and kids.

Erinn is a medical social worker, a job she’s enjoyed for 12 years. Currently focusing on oncology, she works at the local non-profit Cancer Care Services. When asked about her position, she said, “I am honored to work with cancer patients and their caregivers at a critical time in their lives.”

And what does this working mama of two most enjoy? “My interests include listening to jazz (particularly bebop and brass bands), regular dance sessions with my young daughter, learning to cook healthy choices for my family’s varied tastes (one picky kiddo, one meat-and-potatoes husband, and one adventurous diner–me), and bargain shopping with my mother.

Hopefully, you can see how Erinn’s heart for loving others well shines through in her Q&A answers, bio, and that beautiful smile. We’re so proud she’s a Fort Worth Mama!

If we peeked in your purse right now, what would we find?

In my purse right now are my wallet and phone, of course. I also have my daughter’s little, yellow barrette that I have kept in there for years just as a little reminder of the sunshine she brings to my life. I have a bound yearly day planner calendar thing. I am probably the only woman left that doesn’t record appointments in my phone; I still rely on pen and a paper calendar! I have a leopard print makeup bag with no fewer than seven lip glosses or lipsticks, baby socks, receipts, keys to too many places, and business cards in case I run into someone in need of social work expertise!

Why do you call Cowtown home?

I call Fort Worth home for one reason–family. My husband and I are both from Fort Worth. We both enjoy and rely on our families for all types of support. We spend time with our parents, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins regularly. Fort Worth is also home to many family friendly activities, an increasing number of good restaurants, and friendly, down-to-earth residents.

What’s been the greatest joy of motherhood?

The greatest joy is watching your child experience something new for the first time. We took our daughter to the beach last year for the first time. She was truly amazed as she slowly approached the surf and took it all in. Witnessing that experience brought pure happiness and joy to my heart.

What’s been the greatest challenge of motherhood?

Being a mother requires constant multi-tasking and frequent interruptions; thus, there is always potential for stress. You have to find ways to juggle your responsibilities while remaining calm, present, and loving towards your children, no matter how worn out you may be.

How do you hope your life influences and/or inspires other women?

I hope other women recognize the importance of doing work that is for the benefit of another at some point in their lives, even if it means some sacrifices in some way. We all hold a key to unlocking improved well-being for someone in need. It is important to find that key or talent within yourself and put it to use. I personally have found that volunteering at a community organization or taking a job in public service role will bring satisfaction that money cannot.

pinkbluemamaFort Worth Favorites:
Date night: The rooftop at Reata at sunset.
Dessert: I am on the froyo bandwagon with no intention to get off. I know all the frozen yogurt places in town and am not ashamed to add 5+ toppings to my yogurt concoction.
Entertainment: Besides the three-ring circus at my house, Fort Worth traditions like the Main Street Arts Festival, Stock Show, jazz festival, etc.
Shopping (clothing for you): Dillards, it’s a one-stop shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and purses.
Relaxation: Ha! Grocery shopping alone.



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