Summer Fun with the Fam at NRH2O {Sponsored Post}


Disclosure :: NRH2O sponsored this post and gave one of our FWMB team members tickets for her family to enjoy the park for a day.  There are SO many activities to do around town and we are excited to share one of our favorites for cooling off this summer.

What do you do when the temps are in the triple digits and you have kids itching to be outside? Packing the kids in the car and head to NRH2O. This local water park is celebrating 20 years with its “20 seasons of cool” celebration all summer long.

We hadn’t been to NRH2O in the longest time because we thought the kids were just too young. We were SO wrong; we should have been getting season passes all along!

Here’s a glimpse into our day at NRH2O:

photo2First, we did the most important thing and called our friends who have season passes, asking them to join us.  Waterparks are fun for the fam, but they become epically more fun with friends.

Now that we were set with a perfectly balanced 6 adults and 6 kids we were ready to don our swimsuits, stake our claim to some lounge chairs (we should have rented one of their sweet cabanas), slathered everyone in SPF infinity, and create some awesome summer memories!

As we set foot in the park, my kids flipped over the scene that lay ahead filled with slides, waves, and tubes galore. We started slow with the kids enjoying the Tadpole Swimming Hole which is perfect for our little ones since you have to be under 48 inches to play. As a mom of littles, it is frustrating at times when big kids take over the little kiddos space so this was a breath of fresh air seeing my 4 year old and 3 year old get to slide and play without being pushed aside by the big kids.

We began to ease our way into the park by grabbing some tubes and floating down the Endless River. Layla Jean (my daughter) and I could have floated all day . . . seriously, all day long! I think we went around four times before our friends were ready to try something a little more daring. We did a little switch-a-roo and the dads took the little ones while we super cool moms took the big kids on some faster rides. Rhett (my oldest) and I raced down the Accelerator, which was SO FUN, while the older kids stood in line for the Viper. When we met back up with the big kiddos, they had that awesome look on their faces like they conquered Mt Everest!

After everyone had their fill of riding the rides, floating endlessly down the river, and chilling at Beachside Bay, we decided to end our day playing at Frogstein’s Splashatory. This was great! All of the kids could play in the same area; they had space for the older kiddos and perfect slides for our littles. It was hilarious watching everyone time the bucket drop perfectly to either be dumped on or to run up to the slides right after it overflowed so they didn’t get completely drenched.

photo3I give NRH2O a big thumbs up for fun and family friendliness. There were lifeguards at every turn, great food options, and fun rides for the whole family.  I would make sure to wear sandals everywhere you go next time as the ground was HOT and there wasn’t much to shield little feet from the scorching concrete. Oh and I can’t forget that they get an extra thumbs up from this mom because you are allowed to bring in your own cooler! I love to be sure my kids have water and snacks for their day and NRH2O allows it. For that you get a big mama thank you!

Have any of you been to NRH2O lately to enjoy their 20th season? Happy birthday NRH2O!  You are a great part of our lovely Fort Worth community in North Richland Hills. #20seasonsofcool @NRH2O

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Joanna loves doing life in Fort Worth! She has two cutie pie kiddos, Rhett, 5 and Layla, 4. She works full time in marketing and loves to run. Let’s be real . . . she likes to run because she loves donuts! She and her family are in a fight to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis because Layla has the disease. They could not be more in love with their team of doctors, nurses, and dietitians at Cook Childrens. Joanna says she tries to find joy in each day even though life gets absolutely crazy at times with a full-time job, two super fun and active kids, and doing treatments with Layla daily. She can many times be found in her kitchen trying out a new recipe from Cooking Light Magazine or Pioneer Woman. (Photo courtesy of: Beyond the Blue Studios).


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