Did Someone Say Thin Mints? {Sponsored by Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains}


Disclaimer : It would be a hard task to find someone who doesn’t know what a Thin Mint is and doesn’t get excited when Girl Scout cookie stands start showing up around town. We are excited to team up with Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains to tell you more about the behind-the-scenes of cookie sales.

02_Cookie_Stand-624In 1917, a Girl Scout troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma baked cookies and sold them in the town’s high school cafeteria as a service project and way to finance troop activities. Now, 98 years later, some things have definitely changed. The original recipe has been expanded to include a LOT more cookie varieties, including a gluten free cookie (the Trios) being tested in select markets. Girls now sell using the online system and social media has definitely made getting the word out about sales much easier. But there are some things that have not changed: Girls (ages 5-17) participating in this program are still learning valuable lessons in goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

 Check out what local mom, Sara, says about her experience with Girl Scouts . . .

Last year was our first year to sell cookies for the Girl Scouts, and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy they made the process. On the first day of Cookie Season, we pick up the initial stock of cookies (ours is 12 cases) and we can get started right away on sales. This allows the parents to have freedom in the methods they use to help their children sell. I personally prefer to set up a stand in front of our home, much like a lemonade stand. Our daughter is a bit young to go door-to-door, in my opinion, but she still needs to learn the importance of working for her goal. We work on signs and marketing ideas, set up the booth together, work out a schedule, and let our neighbors know what we are doing. I always enjoy listening to her answer questions about the kinds of cookies and explaining what she enjoys about scouting. It’s a great opportunity to get to know our neighbors and spend time as a family.

The process of selling cookies has brought out a lot of confidence in her. Before sales start, we always go over the importance of presenting yourself well, speaking loudly and kindly, knowing your product, keeping yourself safe in all situations, and to always thank someone whether they buy from you or not. My daughter sets a goal of how many boxes she would like to sell, which is always helped along by the literature given to each girl. The Girl Scout organization makes sure the goals are easily obtainable, but challenging enough so that real work must be done by each girl.

Although Cookie Season can be stressful for many parents, if you prepare and let the girls take the lead (as they should), the process can really be a fun one with lots of opportunities to bond. It’s been a very heartwarming experience watching these girls grow in character through this process. Not only do they learn about business and money management, they learn so much about themselves along the way.

So, where do all the funds raised from the cookie sales go?

All proceeds from the Cookie Sale stay within the council, with 24% of that going directly to the troop and girl in the form of troop proceeds, girl recognitions and Cooke Bucks (credit that can be used towards camp or in the Girl Scout shop). If a girl sells 125 boxes of cookies, she qualifies for a day of resident camp or she can receive a $10 credit in the Girl Scout store to spend as she wishes, in addition to participation badges and pins.

Troop proceeds allow each troop to have funds needed for educational outings and service projects throughout the year. This year our Daisy troop is concentrating on animals. The girls have gone to the Fort Worth Nature Center. They spoke with a naturalist and met many of the wild animals native to the area. With a portion of their proceeds, they will also be sponsoring animals at the Nature Center, the Fort Worth Zoo, and running a towel and blanket drive for animal shelters in the area. Each troop may spend the money as it sees fit within certain guidelines. At the organizational level, the funds raised go to provide training, camps, and educational programs to all of the troops in the local area.

Want to support the Girl Scouts but not really into cookies or trying to keep your New Year’s resolution to stay away from sweets? Donate a cookie purchase to Project Troop-to-Troop! Project Troop-to-Troop is a council program that encourages members of the community to buy packages of Girl Scout cookies to donate to the U.S. Armed Forces stationed stateside and overseas. So for the same $4/box, you can brighten the day of one of our hard working military men or women.

IMG_2116Sara is a proud mom to two beautiful girls and wife to her Louisiana-born awesome gumbo chef hubby, who she refers to as The King. When they are not shuttling their girls between school, Girl Scouts, and karate, they enjoy spending time outdoors as a family and exploring Fort Worth and all the incredible events around town. When Sara can sneak in a teeny tiny bit of time to herself, she enjoys jewelry making and enjoying a good mystery novel.


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