Cowtown Treats to Beat the Heat


As the Texas temperatures are already starting to inch into the 80s, it’s time to think about sweet summery splurges.

We did some tough research and rounded up a few of our Fort Worth favorites for you! Here are our Top 11 recommendations (because we couldn’t narrow it down to just 10) for cool and tasty treats.


Curly’s Frozen CustardA Fort Worth staple, Curly’s custard is fantastic on its own or after polishing off a Frito pie. And sitting outside at the picnic tables is half the fun.

El FenixCome for the fajitas; stay for the lemon ice box pie. The perfect mix of tart and sweet; it’s always tempting to take home a whole one.

J. Rae’sA slice of cool cheesecake on a warm day is positively decadent. While you’re there, wrap up a few of the cookies to go.

Kincaid’sSometimes you just want a thick, creamy, classic chocolate malt. There might be some debate over who has the best burger in town, but it’s hard to beat Kincaid’s for its malts and milkshakes.

McKinley’sYou might already love McKinley’s for its sandwiches and cookies, but rumor has it one of its cold cake pops will knock off your sandals. And you know you need to refuel after all that window shopping at University Park Village.

MeltThis quaintly modern ice cream parlor on Magnolia boasts clever, creative flavors like Cup of Texas (made with Avoca coffee), Strawlapeno, and Mint to Be. They always have a yummy vegan option as well. You’ll be in a good mood as soon as you walk in . . .  and even happier as soon as you take a bite.

SnowCone2Snow cone stands: Your neighborhood has one. My neighborhood has one. Try them all until you find the one you like best.

Spiral DinerLooking for vegan ice cream that doesn’t taste like . . . rice? Look no further than Spiral Diner’s homemade I-Scream. Make it into a sundae if you’re really splurging.

Steel City PopsThe folks in Alabama loved these all-natural, flavor-packed gourmet popsicles so much they decided we needed to have some here in Cowtown too. Fruity or creamy–take your pick. You won’t be disappointed.

Sweet SammiesMade-from-scratch cookies with a dollop of Blue Bell ice cream in the middle? There are so many things to love about this concept.

YumiliciousStrolling around Sundance Square and need a fro-yo break? Yumilicious has you covered. Decide whether you’re craving tart or sweet (or both), then add all those toppings.



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