To the Man Who Is More Than Just Dad


When Father’s Day comes around each year, it’s easy for us moms to roll our eyes and make some snarky remark about how every day is Father’s Day. But when we step down from our motherhood high horses, we realize how important you dad-folk really are to this journey of diapers and meltdowns. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have these little, big blessings we call children. Without you, life would be a lot less fun . . . and a lot more grey (as in hairs because this parenthood thing is hard work).

Dad, this one’s for you. 


We know it was difficult for you to find your dad-groove in the beginning, but you stuck with it. You quickly discovered little ways to lighten our load, like changing the midnight diapers or bringing snacks to subdue our ravenous appetite. You made us smile even when our hormones raged on in a postpartum haze. You encouraged us to keep going when we wanted to throw in the towel and run away from home. You loved our new bodies even though they were mushier and saggier than before. And, as the true gentleman that you are, you never mentioned the dark circles under our tired eyes.

As our babies turned into big kids, your dad-ness really began to shine. Your forts and your piggybacks are unmatched and your tickles get the deepest, guttural laughs. The kids admire your strength and we admire your desire to be better. You’re never too tired to fight bad guys and Sith Lords or too proud to dress up for tea parties. Our sons will one day hope to be like you and our daughters will one day hope to marry your equal (or as close as possible). With all our hearts, we hope the same.


You take your job as dad seriously and strive to do what’s best for our family. When it’s time to lay down the law, it’s amazing how quickly those little ears respond to the change in your tone. They listen well, at least most of the time, because they know how deeply you love them. Together, we forge the throes of parenthood, rarely with ease but always with support. Time and again you have our backs, and that is what makes us a great team.


Our lives have changed quite a bit since adding these extra humans, and it will change once again. While Father’s Day is about celebrating the amazing father that you are, we must not breeze over who you were to us first. One day our little birds will leave the nest we’ve built and it will be “just us” again. They will build a life of their own and we will be forced to let them go. It will take adjusting, but no doubt our love and commitment will be strengthened rather than destroyed. Our children may outgrow our home, but may we never outgrow each other.

So thank you. Thank you for being an example to our babies, for loving them, enjoying them, teaching them. But thank you most of all for doing life with us every single day. You make life better; you make us better.

Happy Father’s Day! 

What makes your favorite dad so special? Leave him a shout out below and wish him a Happy Father’s Day.


  1. Beautifully said, grasshopper. I’m all praising God that the man you married is such a fine example of a loving, Godly husband and dad. Not only do too few people ever experience that, but he makes for a nice benchmark for all the rest of us to aspire to.

    You’re an eloquent and thoughtful writer who’s not afraid to lay bare the girl behind the curtain. I find that a truly rare and appealing trait (and the secret to successful writing).

    Keep making writing a priority and promise to send me a signed copy of your first book…


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