Mooshu Trainers for Tots {Sponsored Giveaway}


Disclaimer: This giveaway and post is sponsored by Mooshu Trainers. FWMB contributor Bethe received a complimentary pair of Mooshu shoes for her to review. The following comments are Bethe’s own words and opinions. Always expect an honest review from FWMB!

Mooshu BootsMy daughter was one of those babies who refused to wear shoes, or socks, or hair bows, or anything that she could wiggle her way out of. And that was fine, until she started to take those first steps and I panicked with the realization that (a) she couldn’t walk around barefoot in public restrooms and (b) I had no idea what kind of shoes to buy her.

Research says that shoes for young children should be flexible and simulate being barefoot. More than anything, I wanted Wrenn to be comfortable and find shoes that didn’t slip or make it harder to walk. And I really wanted them to be cute.

Oh, and asking a toddler if a shoe is comfortable while trying them on? Yeah, that’s a fun game. I bought a bunch of different shoes, and wasn’t very impressed with any of them.

So when I had the opportunity to review a pair of Mooshu Trainers, I jumped at the chance. My daughter is now two and a pro at walking, but I still want her to be comfortable and stylish, and I wanted to check out these shoes for any future kiddos that come our way.

Mooshoo Trainers sent Wrenn some pink cowboy boots, and once I put them on her, she immediately fell in love and refused to take them off.

cowboy-boot-boys-girls-toddler-squeaky-shoes-hot-pink-e1425677211648My initial thoughts:

1. The materials are so soft. Unlike traditional cowboy boots, they’re very flexible and won’t cut into her little legs. The shoe forms right to her foot, and the flexible rubber sole won’t slip as she runs across hard surfaces.

2. I’m a total sucker for pink.

3. I don’t love the squeaker. The Mooshu Trainer website says it includes the squeaker because it encourages heel to toe walking, and I will admit that it would be a huge help to be able to instantly know where a stealthy young toddler is in your home. But I’m just not a squeaking kind of gal. Thankfully, Mooshu knew there would be mamas like me and made the squeaker easily removable. So, my Wrenn will be walking comfortably in sweet, sweet silence.

4. The shoes seem to run a tad bit small. Typically a size seven gives my daughter some room to grow, but these size seven boots had her toe going all the way to the end of the shoe. I’d recommend ordering one size larger than you typically buy. There is a sizing chart (which I should have consulted) to help you with ordering.

I am confident my daughter loves them because she threw a huge tantrum when I tried to wrangle them off her feet. For some reason, she didn’t understand that mama needed to keep those shoes clean until we could take some pictures!

canvas-boys-girls-toddler-squeaky-shoes-hot-pinkI will totally be buying her some more (sans squeaker). I think my next purchase will be these adorable pink canvas slip-ons which would go perfectly with skinny jeans this fall and allow for lots of good playing at Mother’s Day Out.

Mooshoo is offering 10 percent off your next purchase if you join its mailing list. And if you prefer to try them on in person, here’s a list of stores in the area (hint: the closest one to Fort Worth is in Arlington).

Mooshu Trainers is giving away a FREE PAIR OF MOOSHU SHOES to one lucky FWMB reader. Enter below. Winner will be announced on September 25, 2015 on the FWMB Facebook page.

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Bethe enjoys laughing at the parts of life that everybody experiences but nobody else will admit to (like setting her hair on fire at the Christmas Eve service at church). She works full-time as the creative director for a national non-profit, and in her spare time runs an Etsy shop featuring her graphic design work and modern quilts. She and her husband, Mr. Right, love to discover new restaurants, and they volunteer together, teaching English as a Second Language to refugees from around the world. She became mom to a big-eyed, giggly baby girl named Wrenn in the summer of 2013. For shameless baby pictures, you can follow her personal blog, Texas Lovely, or check her out on Instagram.


  1. I love the Princess Bow Mary Janes but think they’d be too big for my daughter. I love the bowler shoes or the boots for my little guy!

  2. how could you pick – the camo ones are darling, the canvas glitter ones with the big bow, alllll the mary janes. love that the sizes go up fairly high. my almost 4 yr old little girl could still wear these, and so could our 1 yr old little man of course.


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