Halloween Lollipop Ghost Wreath



It’s beginning to feel like fall out there! Soon, our children will be running up to doors yelling trick-or-treat and collecting candy that the parents will cipher through after bedtime! Here is a fun craft that you can do with your children’s help. Another plus is it’s under $10 for the whole wreath!


  • Styrofoam ring (9 in.)
  • Large lollipop suckers (10)
  • Small white napkins
  • Decorative straws
  • Colorful paper
  • White/clear rubber bands
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String

First, we need to make the ghosts! Spread the white napkin out flat and lay the large sucker in the middle of it. Wrap the napkin around the sucker and twist. Use the white/clear rubber bands and wrap around the base of the sucker twice. Make two black dots with your black marker to create the eyes.


Now you have your ghosts created. You will need 10 for this project. These can also be used throughout your house. Put them in a mason jar for decoration! Include them in a Halloween party favor bag for school. There are so many options!


Next, you need to cover the styrofoam ring with the decorative paper. Trace the edges on the back of the paper and cut. Use some form of glue to attach the paper. You can do this for the front and the back of the ring.


Carefully push the straws through the top of the styrofoam ring. These will go entirely through and into the middle of the ring. Push the sucker into the styrofoam in the spaces between the straws. Make sure these do not go all the way through like the straws. If you want to add a little glue to hold them in place you can, but it’s not necessary. Complete this all the way around.


Finish the wreath by tying a string around the styrofoam ring where you would like to be the top of the wreath to be. Viola!! You now have a fun Halloween wreath!

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