Four DIY Valentines (for the Craft Challenged)


Disclaimer: The post you are about to read was written by the most non-crafty person in the history of blogging. However, this person can search Pinterest like a champ. If you fall into this category, please continue reading. If you do not, read anyway and try not to one-up the writer.

Challenge: Come up with three to four DIY Valentine’s that your elementary aged kiddo can take to class.
Problem #1: I have a preschool boy who is not super helpful with crafts.
Problem #2: I am not a “create-a-craft-out-of-nothing” kind of person.
Problem #3: I HATE glitter!
Solution: One word – Pinterest.

After a 30-minute search, I found some really cute (super easy) Valentine ideas. A quick trip to Target and Hobby Lobby to get my supplies, and I was ready to begin.  


1) You Are Kool

Supplies: Fun straws, Kool-Aid packets, Valentine tags, string, color printer, glue, scissors.

Directions: Download the “Kool” slogan, free from here, and print out in color. Cut out and glue onto a valentine tag. Punch a small hole in one of the Kool-Aid packets. Put the string through your tag and Kool-Aid. Wrap around the straw to hold all three together. Presto — a super cute (and yummy) Valentine treat!



2) Love BugValentines

Supplies: Manilla cardstock, a small bug (I used ladybug erasers from the Target $1 bins,) color printer, glue, scissors.

Directions: Download the Love Bug printable here and print out on the manilla cardstock. Cut out each mason jar and attach your bug of choice with glue. Write your cutie’s name on it, and you’re done!





3) You A-Maze Me

Supplies: White cardstock, a small maze game (mine came from the Target $1 bins,) color printer, glue, scissors.

Directions: Download the free A-Maze printable here and print out on your white cardstock. Cut out each square and then attach your maze with glue. Write your kiddos name somewhere and pat yourself on the back for being the queen of DIY Valentines.


4) Super Hero Valentine

Since I am a boy mom, I had to throw this into the mix. This one requires a tad more time and some computer skills with PicMonkey. I was new to the program, but able to figure it out in about 30 minutes.

DIY Valentine

Supplies: Picture of your kid in a cool punching pose, computer using PicMonkey, photo paper, or a reliable place to print pictures (I did mine through iPhoto), X-acto knife, sucker (or pencil.)


  1. Upload your fun photo to PicMonkey and choose the wand at the left to pick a fun filter. (I used Gritty.)
  2. Add text bubbles by clicking the butterfly, and then choose Comic Bubbles.
  3. Add text by clicking the “Tt” button.
  4. For the small white title box, click the butterfly and then choose Geometric.
  5. Print off your images (or wait for them to arrive in the mail.)
  6. Use an X-acto knife to cut slits on either side of the punching hand. Insert a slender item such as a sucker or pencil.
  7. Could there be anything cuter for a boy Valentine? I was super impressed with how they turned out.

Have fun this Valentine’s Day!

Anyone else have a fun idea for their kids Valentine’s this year?


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