Back to School at Almost 40


downloadI’ve been a stay-at-home mom for almost seven years. Now with two school age boys, it is time for me to start rethinking my future. So, here I am going back to school at almost 40.

Many stay-at-home moms had very successful careers prior to staying at home. I was no different. I went to college after high school and earned a dual B.A. and a M.Ed. from respectable universities. I took pride in “using my degrees.” After I had my first son, I knew immediately I wanted to stay at home with him. My work life became a very past tense part of who I was. I dove right into full-time mommyhood and never looked back.

One day recently, I literally woke up and just had a feeling it was time for me to consider my next steps with my youngest entering grade school soon.

Going back to school and adding to my credentials feels right for me. I confess it was slightly nerve-wrecking as I dusted off my desktop and scrambled to get a resume and references together. My sons never cared what my past experience was or what a professional colleague had to say about me. All they cared about was my love for them. I muse over how thankful I am for my time at home with my boys. It wasn’t just for their benefit; it was for mine, as well. Their unconditional love actually gave me an opportunity to rediscover who I am with no outside pressure. What a gift. Managing my home on my terms allowed me to carefully examine what is important to me and implement as I saw fit. At my core, my children and my family inspire me, and I know taking these next steps for me will ultimately lead to a path beneficial for all of us.

back to school at 40It is not easy making changes in your life after you are settled nicely into routine. My mama brain is scattered (more than usual) and my attention is heavily divided. This new focus of mine is an adjustment for everyone in my family. Having my husband’s support makes a huge difference in my confidence level. For me, it is the difference between knowing I am adding to my family in these endeavors, and not taking away from them — even when I am engrossed in school-related activities.

Though the future is foggy, I am excited. I literally have no idea where this re-education path is taking me. It’s just exciting to be doing something different. I am thankful for the flexibility I have in embarking on this new journey one step at a time. I am thankful for all of the online and evening programs and certifications available to make such changes a reality.

I never anticipated going back to school at almost 40. I think it is quite a unique experience. Though challenging, my goal of finishing is in front of me and I will not quit until I accomplish it.

If you are going back to school or changing careers and managing a family – KUDOS TO YOU!


  1. I was just having these thoughts recently too although I have an end goal in mind: substitute teaching. In my ISD they only require a certain amount of college hours as a bare minimum. I am in Texas as well and wonder if you can give me some resources or suggestions of acredited colleges that I could do all online courses.

    • Hi Angel! I’m not sure how many hours you need to sub in your ISD, but oftentimes you can call HR and they are happy to share where other candidates have earned their credentials. Community colleges are also a great starting point. Many have flexible online programs. Best wishes in your journey!


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