Parent Empowerment Is . . .


All parents have the power to become active participants in their child’s education. Although I wrote my Master’s comps on parent empowerment in schools, my perspective has certainly been enlightened as a mom.

I love volunteering at my sons’ schools. Most schools have a PTA/O volunteer coordinator or someone designated to handle volunteer inquiries. I know volunteering makes a necessary contribution not only for my child, but also the entire class and school environment. However, I also know choosing to volunteer is not the same as parent empowerment.

Volunteering fills a need defined by the school. Parent empowerment addresses a hope identified by the parent.

Parent Empowerment Is Responsibility

Some (not all) tears on the first day are a result of moms feeling as if they are “giving up” their child. I assure all moms, as I have learned myself, we are not. Yes, our littles will be with someone else for more waking hours than they will be with us. They are also sleeping for more hours than they are typically engaging with us. Does that change the importance of our exchange? Certainly not. I know my husband and I are the first teachers. We are also the follow-up teachers. We are responsible for cooperating with the school and teachers as we all work together to provide a constructive and safe learning environment for all students — not just ours.

029 (3)Parent Empowerment Is Choice

School choice is indeed a choice. We have many options on where to formally educate our boys. Our choice is our choice. No one coerced us in choosing one or the other. It would be foolish for us NOT to support our schools’ efforts because we chose them intentionally. Parents who take ownership for their choice are more apt to volunteer.

Parent Empowerment Is Asking Questions and Looking Beyond What Is in Front of You

Of all places to believe no question is a stupid question, it is in a school. Ask questions. Express concerns. Make suggestions. Keep the ultimate goal of your child’s school education in mind — establishing a firm foundation so that in their later years when they determine what path they want to follow, they are well-equipped to pursue it effectively. Great administrators and great teachers welcome feedback. Great parents respectfully and willingly share it.

Parent Empowerment Is Understanding the “Best Gift”024

Extravagant and Pinterest-inspired gifts for teachers have exalted themselves in place of the humble apple appreciation offering. Many moms are left feeling saddened they are unable to give during holidays and teacher appreciation week. They fear their child loses an advantage, favor, or affection. Parent empowerment is knowing the best gift you can give a teacher and a school is a prepared, ready-to-learn student. Sharing a child who is willing to be guided, well-mannered, and respectful of adult and classroom authority is a gift even a pair of Kendra Scott earrings can’t top. The next best gift a parent can give is grace, as teachers and principals do not know everything and they do not walk on water. Teachers should be appreciated and respected, not idolized or feared. The best gifts require intentional involvement and purposeful parenting.

The Home Is the Laboratory for Life

As moms, we may wonder from time to time, if in our decisions, we are making the best ones. An empowered mother can rest knowing she will work with teachers and the school to ensure successful outcomes.


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