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Disclaimer :: Blackmon Mooring sponsored this review of its Home Is the Heart of Summer guide. However, the opinions and views expressed below solely belong to the Fort Worth Moms Blog editorial team.

Summer is the time for fun, the time to let your hair down, the time to tackle those projects you’ve put off all year. It’s the time to try new cleaning techniques and new entertainment ideas. If you’re running out of steam or inspiration, we have the perfect solution for you! Our partners, the Blackmon Mooring company, just released its new guide Home Is the Heart of Summer. We Blackmon Mooring Glowing Flower Potsare so excited about it! Who wouldn’t love a one-stop manual for all things summer? You can check out the entire guide to find ways to all it has to offer during the hot months. But, we at the FWMB, are focusing on the entertainment section.

Home Is the Heart of Summer is brimming with everything from home care and safety to new activities for the family to try out.  The guide is a free download, so there is nothing to lose! The guide is divided into five sections: Cleanup for Summer, Activities, Crafts, Entertainment, and Summer Safety. The entertainment section is divided into two categories: Outdoor Entertainment and Indoor Entertainment. Within each category, there are different meals to try with family and friends, drink recipes, and ways to spruce up the the outdoors and indoors in the spirit of summer.


Have you been looking for different and tasty recipes to make for dinner? Home is the Heart of Summer offers a variety of dinner options, fun drinks, and delicious desserts that you can make for a party or just the family. You might want to try the “Walking Tacos” or the “Foil-Pack Chicken and Artichoke Dinner.” Perhaps cool drinks by the pool make you smile in the 90 degree Blackmon Mooring Fruit Ice Cream Conesweather. The guide provides the recipe for an “Ocean Water Mocktail” along with several others. In addition, there are tips for healthy, fruity desserts that are sure to make your heart sing. The recipes are arranged on the guide based on what is better to eat indoors versus outdoors.


The guide also includes ways to liven up the atmosphere of your home for social gatherings or just because. These ideas, too, are divided amongst the indoor and outdoor entertainment categories. Maybe you’re looking for ways to bring the party indoors when the mosquitoes and heat are more than you can bear. See how to arrange your silverware in a festive way. Maybe you want to enjoy the night sounds and summer breeze.  We loved the tip for outdoor lighting.Blackmon Mooring Silverware Flower Pots

Blackmon Mooring began as a furniture and dye shop in 1948 and has since evolved into a respected resource for how-to’s on cleaning practices. Those who founded this company rooted their work in “reliability, quality, and superior customer service.” Blackmon Mooring widened its perimeter on the global scale in 1981 by adding the BMS CAT division. With this addition, the company has responded to major world disasters. It continues to uphold its original standards of reliability, quality, and customer service as the business continues to grow and change lives.


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