40 Favorite Costco Finds


Disclaimer :: Costco Wholesale sponsored this post by providing Fort Worth Moms Blog Owner Emily Y with a gift card to try out and stock up on Kirkland Signature items. Uh, let’s just say she exceeded the gift card limit — and couldn’t be happier about it.

True story: I became a Costco Wholesale member last year at the Costco Mom Hour. The steal-of-a-deal price on sweet potato fries alone convinced me. We had been and still are members at the “other store” but decided to give Costco a try . . . to see what all the hype was about. I mean, hundreds of women showing up to shop Costco MUST be on to something.

It didn’t take long to create a list of favorites and go-tos for our monthly Costco shopping visit. When approached by Costco and City Moms Blog Network to again participate in Costco Mom Hour 2016, the answer was a hearty YES. And when asked to share some of my favorite Costco items, I gave another hearty YES.

Creating a blog post about my favorite 10 things to purchase for my family at Costco? A piece of cake. (By the way, I’m also a fan of Costco cake. No lie.)

40 favorite costco findsBefore I drafted my post, I asked the Fort Worth Moms Blog team: What are your favorite items to purchase at Costco? It only took about 35 Facebook notifications to make me realize this “favorite finds” post needed to include WAY more than 10 products. You, dear reader, are the beneficiary of our Costco Facebook group love fest. Below are my family’s favorite Costco items AND those recommendations from the FWMB staff — all 40 of them!

The FWMB Must Try List!

  1. Kirkland Signature (KS), Costco’s own in-house brand, organic applesauce pouches
  2. The largest bag of delicious KS tortilla chips
  3. CHEESE in slices and crumbles and bags
  4. KS drawstring kitchen bags (a deal!)
  5. KS frozen Tilapia fillets that are more steaks and less see-through slices
  6. Paper towels — top notch quality
  7. Toilet paper — again, top notch quality
  8. Vitamins for a stellar price
  9. Red. Velvet. Cupcakes (to balance all the vitamins we ingest)
  10. Coffee, oh my yes
  11. Olive oil
  12. Yeast
  13. Honey
  14. Dog food
  15. Contact lenses (seeing at an affordable price)
  16. Well-priced organic produce, eggs, and frozen foods
  17. BOOKS!
  18. Individual guacamole packages (great for school lunches and those times you need to sneak a snack)
  19. Chicken tortilla soup (buy it by the barrels)
  20. Blue Moose of Boulder Tex Mex Gouda Spread — you’re welcome
  21. Skinny Pop — for us snack addicts
  22. Baby formula that is low on soy and is non-gmo
  23. The best baby wipes ever made in the world
  24. Oh, and, hello, diapers we adore
  25. While we’re on the subject, also a big fan of the flushable wipes
  26. KS wine, ALL THE WINE
  27. Island Way sorbet
  28. Fresh made Cesar salads 
  29. Naan (wait, don’t eat it; it’s so good, you’ll never stop)
  30. Chicken Tikka Masala for the dinner save
  31. ORGANIC MEAT you can divide and freeze
  32. Kerrygold butter
  33. Sliced meat variety pack — holla
  34. Generic medication prices to make your jaw drop (allergy meds!)
  35. Fruit snacks. Duh.
  36. Brownie Brittle FOR THE WIN
  37. Costco credit monitoring is above par; sadly, I know this from experience
  38. Costco is your rental car haven
  39. Three words: dinosaur chicken nuggets
  40. The best prices for gasoline, and plenty of pumps so you never wait long

Costco Mom HourCostco Mom Hour

Obviously, the FWMB team is full of Costco fans, which makes us through-the-roof excited to announce open registration for the FREE Costco Mom Hour happening November 4, 2016. Costco will open ONE HOUR EARLY for FWMB readers and their kids. Attendees will enjoy breakfast, swag bags, giveaways, a scavenger hunt, numerous food samples throughout the store, and a new membership deal that will knock off your socks. Check out our “Costco Mom Hour :: FREE :: November 4, 2016” post for more details, including how to register for a free ticket. You can also follow along on the Costco Mom Hour event page!

See you soon!!!!

Did we mention your favorite Costco finds? If not, be sure to mention yours in the comments below. We want to know ALL THE GOOD STUFF from Costco!


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