Say No to Summer Learning Loss


Disclaimer :: Primrose Schools sponsored this blog post, but FWMB’s own Laura crafted it based on her personal experiences with her local Primrose location.

A few weeks ago, my 2-year-old son brought home his very own bean sprout grown artfully in a bean-shaped coffee filter in its own little Ziploc bag greenhouse. I consider myself an educated and creative person and, um, I never would have thought to do that. I find myself thinking this often (weekly? daily?), and it’s one of the reasons his soon-to-be baby sister will be joining him at Primrose after I complete maternity leave.

We love it there! And it’s more than just the incredibly warm and loving staff. It’s the fact that my son comes home knowing words and concepts I never taught him. I mean, while riding in a shopping cart the other day he spontaneously counted to 10 in Spanish. I knew immediately where that came from, and it wasn’t me. Not only did it make my jaw drop, but it also helped confirm that I made the right decision when it comes to his early education. 

While my kids aren’t old enough for summer breaks yet, learning loss is already on my mind. I think back to my own summers which, if we’re being honest, involved a lot of bad TV. Now as a parent, I’m learning that summers without intentional learning and experiential activities can lead to a month or more of lost learning. Primrose to the rescue! They have lots of great resources for kids and parents to bolster learning (and fun!) in the summer months. 

boy with a watering canSo, you better believe I’m going to start my kiddos early with some fun learning activities throughout the summer. Instead of going down what I lovingly refer to as the “Pinterest blackhole” for activity ideas, I’m heading straight for the handy science, math, sensory, and outdoor resources that Primrose has already put together to help parents like me. Here are just a few at-home ideas that will keep you and your little ones learning, laughing, and amazed this summer:

  • Science Fun. My son absolutely loves science, and if your children do too this is a great spot to find exciting and easy experiments on video that will stimulate little minds while keeping them entertained! Tornado in a bottle?! Especially in Texas, yes please!
  • Encouraging outdoor math fun and five math games for toddlers. I hadn’t really thought you could teach “math” to toddlers, but, boy, was I wrong. There are so many fun ways to introduce mathematical concepts at any age, and as a part of what you’re already doing. Our favorite is playing in the kitchen with measuring cups and “paying” for items in the pantry to help us with our baking adventures. Plus, there’s cookies at the end! Win-win!
  • Cloud dough and colorful mystery mess. Nothing says fun like getting your hands dirty! We love how easy it is to make fun sensory activities out of ingredients that we already stock in the kitchen, especially the colorful mystery mess that has the coolest texture ever and brings me back to my own childhood memories.
  • Nine activities to make the most out of summer with your child. Ever since he was a baby, my son has adored being outside, and summer is one of the best times to kick off our shoes and tickle our toes in the grass. There are so many easy and exciting activities to make memories together outside! Fun with sprinklers, nature walks, picnics, and even homemade popsicles are a few of the adventures on our list this summer. 

We chose Primrose for a variety of reasons — the multifaceted curriculum, the clean and fun facility, the community and family feel, and the great people who coordinate and deliver it all!

If your family is looking for educational childcare from ages six weeks through kindergarten, Primrose offers full and part time enrollment year-round. Even if your kiddos are a bit older, aged 5-12, Primrose offers a  Summer Adventure Club to keep developing brains moving and engaged throughout the summer by offering fun weekly themes. 

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Graduate school brought Laura from her beloved home state of Colorado to Texas (hard to beat the Rocky Mountains!), and meeting her beloved husband Jonathan convinced her to settle here. Now the two are overjoyed and exhausted parents to sweet Christopher (2015) and a little girl on the way (2017). In addition to her role as a mama, she also works full time as a clinical psychologist working with military veterans who continue to amaze her with their strength and humor. When she’s not busy juggling career and parenthood, you can find her cycling, enjoying local culture (and food!), baking, “hiking,” and embracing her love of travel.


    • Hi JL, thanks for the comment- I know I have felt the same way before when I realized that information is sponsored or linked to a particular business. Hopefully that won’t dissuade you from utilizing the great links/ideas shared in the piece (which I wrote independently based on my positive experience at Primrose). Certainly, you don’t have to be involved with any business to take advantage of the fun summer activities I described 🙂 Hope you have a great summer!


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