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Disclaimer :: FWMB contributor received a gift card from our partner to try its services. Her review below reflects her experiences and own opinions.

This girl loves to shop. This girl also loves a good deal! So, when I discovered and realized I could shop ridiculously good deals, I was pretty excited. However, when I read a little bit more about the company and discovered my love for shopping and good deals also meant fundraising for a cause I hold near and dear, I was sold. But wait, there’s more!! 

The Cause

Reading’s About Us page was pretty eye-opening. It never even dawned on me that retailers and manufacturers produce significantly more product each year than actually sells, so I never stopped to think about what happens to all of this excess product. Sadly, much of this never opened, in the box merchandise ends up just sitting in warehouses. Some even end up in landfills. Can you imagine what this vicious cycle is doing to our beautiful planet?

Give10Back saw another issue, as well. While our country’s childhood obesity rate is at an all-time high, our schools are still stuck in the old fundraising rut of sugary treats and high calorie, highly processed junk food. If you have an elementary aged child, you know exactly what I am talking about! Through these two problems, a new company was born. 

“Part deal site, part fundraiser, and part environmental surrogate, Give10Back offers consumers products and brands they actually want and need at prices they love while supporting causes that are ‘near & dear’ to them – all while saving the planet!”

Shopping Experience

I will admit it: I am an online shopping snob. There are few things more frustrating than a hard to navigate, cluttered website. Luckily, Give10Back did not disappoint! 

The website is incredibly easy to navigate. You can browse its complete inventory or you can choose from one of 15 different categories to look through. Some of the categories have a larger inventory than others (like the toys category), so I actually found it entertaining to just browse through the “Everything!” category to get a full taste of all the goodies. I found a number of Christmas items that were on my kids’ Christmas lists at a fraction of the normal cost!

When you select a product you like, you are brought to a new page that gives a full description of the item, lists the price savings, and gives you the condition of the product. I found that most items are brand new while a few items are brand new (open box). 

Products and Pricing

The variety of products sold on Give10Back is pretty incredible. You can tell that the company truly searched for high quality, relevant merchandise to offer. There is a huge range of name brand products, including Yeti, Wilson, Kitchenmaid, Kate Spade, and more! 

As I browsed, I found that most items were advertised to be between 35-50 percent off (with some up to 75 percent). I did a little sleuthing around to see if the listed price savings was pretty darn accurate when comparing to the MSRP pricing. While some other discount sites offer a wider range of product offerings, I did not find any discount sites to offer better pricing. SCORE!

Smiling four week old newborn baby boy wearing a crocheted Pilgrim hat. He is sleeping on a gold blanket next to a crocheted pumpkin.Fundraising Opportunities

After loading my shopping cart with all sorts of goodies (more on that in a bit!), I was prompted to create an account and choose a charity of my choosing to receive 10 percent of my purchase. As I scrolled through the list, I saw dozens and dozens of churches and schools to choose from, in addition to the “charity of the month.” Once you choose a charity, the 10 percent will automatically go to that organization every time you shop unless you change it. 

Although I haven’t gotten to experience being on the receiving end of Give10Back’s fundraising efforts, the process to begin a fundraiser appears to be incredibly simple! All churches, schools, and non-profits are eligible to participate by filling out a simple form, and checks are issued every month! On top of the 10 percent, they also award $2,000 in bonus cash every month!! 


Give10Back offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50. That’s a $10 savings right off the bat! On top of that, you can choose from multiple shipping options depending on how quickly you would like to receive your haul. I chose Priority Shipping and received my purchase in only two business days! That’s Amazon Prime fast, friends!!! On top of that, I received a text message with a delivery confirmation, so I knew to get home and grab my package off my porch. 

Upon opening my box, I realized this is a company who takes even the smallest of details seriously. The package was filled with materials to keep all of my ordered items safe from any bouncing around or breakage, and the little items were individually wrapped with duct tape. I ordered one item that was labeled “New, Open Package,” and I could hardly tell that the item had been opened. All parts and directions were included in the package, so it truly was as good as new! 

The Verdict

Online shopping has quickly become my favorite way to shop, especially during the holiday season. Less time fighting the hustle and bustle and more time truly enjoying the reason for the season. This year, Give10Back will be my first-stop-shop for all the things on my list! From the pleasant shopping experience to the fast shipping, I love knowing that I can get amazing deals while also supporting causes near and dear to my heart at the same time!

For a special bonus, FWMB readers score an extra 20% DISCOUNT through November 28, 2017 by visiting: Check out the video below with some of our favorite finds from!

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Krista grew up in Arlington, Texas. While she was in undergrad at Texas Tech she swore she would never return, but after falling in love with her brother’s high school friend, Micah, that plan quickly fell out the window. Two kids later, her family’s roots are deeply planted. Krista spent the first six years of her professional life as a behavioral specialist working with students who faced emotional and psychological challenges, but, after having children, she quickly realized she had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Since leaving her career in the school district, she has owned three different businesses. She currently spends most of her kid-free time teaching families how to improve their health with natural approaches, as well as empowering mothers to tap into their inner, God-given awesomeness! Although she believes deeply in the importance of living a natural, holistic lifestyle, balance is her number one goal (because, margaritas!!!).


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