Five Options for Cleaner Eating with Clean Juice


Disclaimer :: Clean Juice sponsored this post and provided helpful information about the benefits of freshly pressed juices, smoothies, and other organic offerings.

We all live busy lives and often reach for food that is fast and convenient, rather than what our body truly craves and needs. Make this year different — treat your body to something it deserves! 

The brand new Clean Juice location at The Shops at Clearfork in Fort Worth offers acaí bowls, made-to-order juices, protein smoothies, warm drinks and bites, cold-pressed juices, and more! All of Clean Juice’s products are USDA certified organic. This means no produce or other component of their products is sprayed with chemicals or pesticides (because yuck).

The following five items represent a sampling of what’s available. (Check out the menu for other freshly made juice options.)

Clean Juice Acai Bowl

Acaí Bowls

Acaí bowls are very filling and a great meal replacement! They are served in bowls and are similar to smoothies but with a thicker consistency. Acaí is a superfruit from the Amazon with energy and immune-boosting properties and antioxidants. Blended with other fruit and almond milk, and topped with fresh fruit and granola — it makes a delicious and healthy snack or meal! Of the several different acaí bowls offered, Clean Juice’s most popular is the Berry Bowl.

Made-to-Order Juices

Low on energy and feeling a cold coming on? Perfect time to try the Immunity One juice! This is made with fresh organic oranges, pineapples, carrots and lemon — mixed with turmeric root (a great anti-inflammatory with many other benefits). Add camu camu to boost your immune system with more than 400 percent of daily recommended Vitamin C! 

Secret menu tip: Ask for this one blended with frozen pineapple for an extra cooling effect on sore throats!

Juice Cleanses

After the holiday season, sometimes our bodies need a reset and a health boost. USDA certified organic juice cleanses help flood your system with countless vitamins and minerals, allowing the body to rid itself of toxins built up from our usual foods and environment. Clean Juice offers juice until dinner and one-day cleanse options (both are great for first-time cleansers!), as well as two-day, three-day, and five-day cleanses. What are the possible benefits of cleanses? Weight loss, increased energy, chemical detoxing, improved mental clarity and mood, deeper sleep — to name a few!

Clean Juice the Youthful OneCold-Pressed Shots

In a hurry and need something to grab and go? Clean Juice has you covered. Its brand new cold-pressed shots include the Hot Shot, Immune Booster, Beauty Full, Matcha Express, and Wheat Grass.

Protein Smoothies

Clean Juice offers a variety of protein smoothies — ranging from the basic strawberry-banana smoothie to more creative concoctions. Two types of protein are offered: Naked whey protein, a non-GMO, grass-fed, dairy-based protein that adds creamy flavor to smoothies; and hemp protein, a plant-based protein alternative. For a unique and tasty protein smoothie, try the Youthful One with a delicious blueberry-coconut flavor and a rich purple color . . . perfect for TCU fans!

Clean Juice Logo

Clean Juice in the Shops at Clearfork is the first Clean Juice store franchise to open in Texas. Clean Juice is a USDA certified organic juice and smoothie bar with a passion for serving the local Fort Worth community. Clean Juice believes wholeheartedly in a healthy body and strong spirit and aims to provide the opportunity to use Clean Juice to apply this to your everyday life.

For more information, stop by Clean Juice at The Shops at Clearfork today, call 682-312-5553, or visit online at!


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