A Room with an Interactive View :: 2018 FWMB Award Show

annual meeting decorations
BerryPom & James beautified this table setting for our meeting. Photo credit Robert Blake.

On January 13, the Fort Worth Moms Blog (FWMB) team gathered in the newly remodeled River Legacy Living Science Center for good food at a beautifully set table, fun with friends, and a fabulous awards show. This event was extraordinary, not only for the milestones celebrated or the many talented writer mamas represented, but also for the incredible view.

FWMB enjoyed a private tour of the Living Science Center and new interactive discovery room a full 16 days before it opened to the public on January 29! Situated on a 1,300-acre park in Arlington — complete with trails, river overlooks, picnic areas, and a playground — this sustainable and gorgeous building is home to interactive exhibits, aquariums and terrariums with native animals, and classrooms devoted to environmental education programs for children ages three and older. The philosophy of the River Legacy Foundation is to educate the next generation of nature lovers and train them to be good stewards (to “live lightly on the earth,” as the staff’s director of education Debbie Vernon told us). FWMB got a peek into some of the educational tools during our meeting — the first event to be held in the newly remodeled interactive discovery room!

living science center exhibit
living science center
interactive discovery room
Jason’s Deli catered this expansive spread of culinary delights for our dinner. Photo credit Robert Blake.

Between items of business, we noshed on a smorgasbord catered by Jason’s Deli. There was something for nearly every palate and dietary preference — and plenty of it! From the chunkiest, heartiest tomato basil soup, to sumptuous salads (with optional chicken and bacon add-ins) and tasty pastas. And don’t get us started on those decadent dessert bars! (No, really — don’t start because you won’t be able to stop. We might have tried all three flavors . . . .)

Moving among the generous buffet, awards stand, and dining tables, the FWMB team also enjoyed a visual feast. Decorations, floral arrangements, and elegant table settings by BerryPom & James elevated the already inviting space. Sprinkles of pastel punctuated a white-and-gold theme for our annual awards show. (Can you believe those fancy place settings are all disposable paper and plastic?! We couldn’t at first!) 

Can’t get enough of these awesome photos by our friend Robert Blake? See a full album here

2017, a Year of Continued Growth

FWMB owner Emily Y shared encouraging stats of growth in the quarterly “State of the Blog” address, notably the 13 percent increase in page views from 2016 to 2017! It is only because of the ongoing support of our dear readers that such remarkable growth happens year after year. We’re privileged to provide content and resources throughout the year. Look forward to many fun opportunities and exciting events in 2018, including the return of the wildly popular Bloom event for new and expecting moms

Now the Moment We’ve All Been Waiting for . . . 

FWMB Award Show Winners

The FWMB team takes over the newly remodeled interactive discovery room of the River Legacy Living Science Center. Photo credit Robert Blake.

FWMB Thanks YOU!!!!

We are honored and humbled to connect with parents in Fort Worth and the greater Tarrant County area through our blog posts, social media, events, and Neighbor Groups! Our hearts are full and our creative gears are turning after reading your responses to the 2017 Reader Survey. THANK YOU for supporting the Fort Worth Moms Blog, for believing in our vision to advocate for moms at all stages, and for trusting us as a resource for parenting in north Texas. We’re excited to see what’s in store for 2018!


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