Saturday Mornings Are for Daddy

The original Saturday morning with Daddy.

Ah, Saturday morning. Maybe you sleep in, work out, and have a nice (hot) breakfast afterward. Perhaps you wake up early and tackle projects around the house. It’s possible you may just lie in bed, awake but enjoying the peace and quiet. Or maybe you have kids and none of these is actually an option.

In our house, Saturday mornings are reserved for Daddy.

From the time our twins were around two months old, my husband (J) has been in charge of Saturday mornings. In the baby days, this meant I would wake up, nurse the twins, put them back to sleep in the big bed with Daddy, and tiptoe out the door for a morning run.


The trend continued as the kids grew older, we added a third to the crew, and the mornings got more adventurous. These days, the boys might hit up the donut shop with Daddy before heading to the zoo, the park, or their favorite fishing spot. Recently they’ve added Six Flags and the aquarium to their destination rotation. He packs a lunch to bring along, and they stay out of the house most of the day. I typically see (hear, and smell) them in the afternoon, just in time for showers and naps. 

Whenever people find out about our routine, they’re shocked that my husband takes the kids out and about by himself. Especially when they were all two and younger, it seemed to be way outside the normal zone. Since we’ve been doing it for so long, it seems perfectly natural to us both. After all, I have always taken them places by myself on the reg, and that doesn’t surprise anyone. I actually attribute the boys’ great relationship with their father to the solo time they spend with him.

If you ask my kids, they would easily say that Daddy time is the best. They have amazing adventures and make great memories. J travels often for his job, so during the week it’s mainly the Mommy show.

Enjoying the stingrays at the aquarium.

It seems that Daddy time helps them to stay connected, especially if he’s been gone, and strengthens their bond. Daddy enjoys setting the pace (significantly more laid back than when I am around) and spending some quality time with the boys when they rely on him instead of on me. The balance of our parenting becomes stronger thanks to my absence.

If you’re wondering what I do with my Saturday mornings in their absence, rest assured they are put to excellent use. I’m a regular runner and do my long runs on Saturdays with my run club (shout-out to Fort Worth Running Company). I also accomplish a few errands, catch up on lesson plans, and take long, hot showers. Boys’ time is some of Mommy’s favorite time too. ; )

Kids’ sports and other obligations can occasionally get in the way of our Saturday morning routines. We try to stay flexible and move around boys’ time as needed. Sometimes it hops to a weekend afternoon, to Sunday morning, or even to the occasional Friday night. It’s not super important WHEN it occurs, as long as it comes on a regular basis. At times, making it happen involves cutting back our whole family time, which is a sacrifice we are willing to make.

Hanging with Salty at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Yes, we prioritize Daddy time over family time. 

Our choice may seem strange to some, but family time comes about in our home pretty organically. We regularly go to church together, eat dinner as a family, and have giggles and fun throughout the day. My personal favorite is when we have family nap time (because that’s the best idea ever). What doesn’t happen naturally is that special boys’ time, so it is fiercely protected. And you know what? We’re a stronger family for it.


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Although born in Austin, Emily grew up on the Eastside of Fort Worth. After marrying her high school sweetheart, and following the military's whims for a few years, the lovebirds wound up back in the Fort, with their three children in tow. Currently, Emily shares her love of books and writing with both her children and her middle school students. On the weekends, you'll find her outside running local streets and trails, as well as being her kids' biggest fan at whatever sport may be in season.



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