Taking the Pressure Out of Parties


Disclaimer :: Jason’s Deli sponsored this post and provided an in-depth look at its new Catering for Entertaining service that provides gourmet dining options for hosted events from kids’ birthday parties to showers to dinner parties to tailgates.

You rush around your kitchen, pull another tray out of the oven, and madly dash to the counter. You painstakingly arrange the morsels on their awaiting platters. You wonder if you have enough ice — should you call someone to pick up a few bags on the way over? You need to get the plates and napkins set up in the other room. The doorbell rings. Did you remember to invite so-and-so’s friend? You greet your guests as a good hostess should, but a half dozen appetizers, drinks, and decorations still demand your attention.

Party Pressure

Does this scene seem familiar to you? My friend, you are not alone. We have all fallen prey to party pressure.

We strive to host the ideal party, chasing a vision of Pinterest-perfect spreads, themes, party favors, and the encompassing minutiae that turn into a host-trap. We fret over an endless lists of details that ultimately take us away from the most important element of the party: spending time with our guests and enjoying ourselves!

And that’s exactly where Jason’s Deli can step in and help.

What typically comes to mind when you think of Jason’s Deli? Signature sandwiches, fresh salad bar, generous portions of potatoes and pastas — we all have our favorites! They have loyally catered and delivered an assortment of trays, lunch boxes, and packages to our local offices, churches, hospitals, and schools. But Jason’s Deli saw a growing need for catering in the home and similar social situations.

Catering for Entertainment

Jason’s Deli has turned decades of hospitality, catering, and delivery into a new service: Catering for Entertaining.

Garden Party Package - Jason's Deli sponsored

With spring finally in full bloom and party showers a plenty, what a perfect time to take advantage of the garden party package! It features an assortment of petite party sandwiches — gourmet pimento cheese, veggie cream cheese and cucumber, and their family-recipe chicken salad with almonds and pineapple. Also included is a fresh suite and cheese tray with creamy fruit dip and decadent dessert bites.

And with school’s end and summer around the corner, the days will be awash in children’s birthdays and pool parties! The kids’ party package is sure to be a hit. It includes fun finger-sized sandwiches — ham and American cheese, roasted turkey and American cheese on country white and multi-grain wheat. It also comes with organic apple slices, baby carrots with house-made ranch, potato chips, and organic apple juice.

Deli Sliders Tailgate Package - Jason's Deli sponsored

Let’s not forget about the adults! From a backyard picnic to hosting a game-watching party, the deli sliders tailgate package or the Rachel and Reuben sliders tailgate package are both crowd pleasers. The deli sliders include cold mini sandwiches on potato slider buns — 12 ham-salami and 12 roasted turkey — all with provolone, Roma tomato, and shredded lettuce. The Rachel and Reuben sliders feature hot mini sandwiches on potato slider buns — 12 Reuben sliders with corned beef, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and sauerkraut on the side, and 12 Rachel sliders with turkey and pastrami, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and homemade coleslaw on the side. Both tailgate packages come with American potato salad, pickles, and a dozen freshly baked cookies.

Modern Meat & Cheese Package - Jason's Deli sponsoredAre you hosting a wine tasting party or wanting something a little more for a special occasion? The modern meat and cheese package will surely impress your guests. This package boasts sliced pepperoni and salami with assorted cubed cheeses, Kalamata and queen stuffed green olives, fire-roasted piquillo peppers, artichoke hearts, basil pesto aioli, and the popular garlic toasties and flatbread points. For the sweet end, the brownie duo: fudge-nut and peanut butter brownies.

The Catering for Entertaining menu includes much more — and most items are also available a-la-carte, so you can mix and match!

Jason's Deli Logo_TagJason’s Deli brings wholesome, favorite foods to the party with greater variety of menu items and options — from appetizers to desserts. Dyes, artificial trans fat and flavors, processed MSG, and high-fructose corn syrup aren’t invited! They also take care of many special diet needs, from vegetarian and vegan to gluten-sensitive and low-sodium. Just ask! With plentiful portions and professional delivery and setup, Jason’s Deli gives you more time for relaxing and socializing.

From showers to special occasions, and from casual gatherings to big celebrations, put Jason’s Deli at the top of your list. And get back to your party. You deserve it!

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