Spring Book Picks from a Librarian Mom


There are so many things happening in the spring, and loading up on books from the public library or book store is a fantastic way to help spring burst onto the scene at home. Here are my picks for spring books by topic.

Spring Is Here!

These fun books will open up discussion about the season of new growth! 

  • Pig and Goose and the First Day of Spring by Rebecca Bond is the story of a happy pig that loves to dance and eat, but there are so many things she can’t do like swim and fly. This book has a great message about loving who you are and appreciating the things you can do well. 
  • Spring Is Coming! by Chris Bridge will fill you with hope and engage little kids in bilingual lessons through delightful rhyme and beautiful pictures. 
  • The Spring Suitcase Stories by Margaret Dolan is a collection of spring stories that will definitely get you in the spirit. 
  • The Spring Visitors by Karel Hayes is the story of a family of bears that is awoken from their hibernation by some torrential spring weather. 
  • When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes (one of my favorite authors) is an adorable picture book about all things spring! 
  • Let’s Look at Spring by Sarah Shuette is a nonfiction book all about spring. This book will give you some discussion starters about the changes you notice in the spring. After reading it, spend an afternoon at a park, maybe with a picnic, and see what spring changes your kiddos observe. Let them draw a picture of what they see. 
  • Spring by Rebecca Pettiford is a a nonfiction book about what makes spring unique. Topics such as spring weather and animal adaptations are discussed. After reading the book, check out these fun activities and printable about animal adaptations from the San Diego Zoo. 
  • Experiment with a Plant’s Roots by Nadia Higgins is packed full of fun science experiments to do at home. 
  • Does your kiddo oooooh and awwww over baby animals? Check out Baby Animals by Animal Planet. Then check with your local feed store and see if the baby chicks are in yet. Many feed stores have their chicks out where kids can see them. You’ll be very tempted to take one home!!!

Wonderful Women

These books will open up some very meaningful discussions about fabulous female trailblazers during Women’s History Month! 

books signPoetry in Spring

April is National Poetry Month. Celebrate with these fun poetry books all throughout the year. 

“May” We Read

Celebrate the Hispanic culture with books all about Cinco de Mayo. Once you’ve read these books, you’ll be in the fiesta spirit! 

  • Cinco de Mayo by Emma Carlson Berne gives historical context to this Mexican celebration. 
  • While this book won’t necessarily teach you anything about Cinco de Mayo, Chicks and Salsa by Aaron Reynolds will have you in the mood for a spicy fiesta! 
  • Cinco de Mouse-o by Judy Cox is a humorous cat-and-mouse tale that may have you running out to the party store for a piñata. 
My boys and I with Patricia Polacco. I had the great privilege of bringing her to my school

Mother’s Day deserves some great books to get your littles thinking about how to make mom feel special. 

  • In A Heart Just Like My Mother’s by Lela Nargi, Anna learns that she has something very special in common with her mother. 
  • Author Eve Bunting and illustrator Jan Brett team up in this super cute book called The Mother’s Day Mice to help three mouse brothers get the perfect gift for their mom. 
  • In Our Mothers’ House by Patricia Polacco (my favorite children’s author, ever — get ALL of her books) is the sweet story of a family in which love abounds. Not all families look the same, but no matter how many moms or dads a family has, as long as there is love, they have everything they need. 

No matter the season, these books are sure to entertain your littles. Happy reading! 

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Kristy was born and raised in Texas and has lived here all her life except for a brief period of time when she lived it up in Los Angeles, California. She is the proud mom of three boys and is the girliest boy mom you've ever met. In addition to her mom job, she is also a school librarian and author of professional books for librarians and teachers. She is a writing trainer and loves to share her passion for writing with others. Her favorite things in the whole wide world, after her family, are quiet mornings spent nurturing her coffee addiction, books, snow days, and her two crazy dogs. When left to her own devices, she can be found wearing yoga pants and binge watching Netflix, all while chasing after three wild boys and spinning plates on all 20 of her fingers and toes. Kristy is the new PR & Marketing Coordinator for the Fort Worth Moms Blog. Her role is to connect local businesses and moms with the extensive resources FWMB provides.


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