Mayfest 2019 on the Horizon :: More Than Just a Festival


Disclaimer :: Our friends at Mayfest sponsored and crafted this post to spread the word about the annual festival and its year-round impact on the Fort Worth community.

Mayfest 2019Why Talk About Mayfest 2019 in August?

When you first think of Mayfest, you may immediately picture Trinity Park for four days in May. You might think of carnival rides, corny dogs, funnel cakes, and lots of music. You may remember dancing onstage years ago as you now watch your child perform. You may even imagine the unmentionable . . . the unpredictable weather.

But, did you know Mayfest is actually a non-profit organization that has given over $7.5 million back to the Fort Worth community?

The mission of Mayfest, Inc. is to raise and contribute funds to the Trinity River, surrounding parks, and community programs. Mayfest, Inc. accomplishes this mission by putting on an annual fundraiser, the Mayfest festival.

The proceeds from the festival are then given back to the Fort Worth community through grants to its founding organizations: The City of Fort Worth Park and Recreation Department, Streams & Valleys Inc., and The Junior League of Fort Worth, Inc. These grants support specific projects proposed by the organizations in keeping with the Mayfest mission.

When you support or attend Mayfest, you are actually supporting Fort Worth.

Mayfest 2019Where Can You See the Benefits?

The festival may only be four days long, but Mayfest’s impact can be felt throughout the entire year! Mayfest has funded projects that not only enhance and beautify the community, but also create safe, nurturing places for families to be outside together. Additionally, Mayfest funds youth-centered programs that educate and empower children to make important, life-changing decisions.

When you look at the Fort Worth community, you can see many different areas that have benefited from Mayfest.

  1. Trinity Park. Projects funded by Mayfest can been seen all throughout Trinity Park. Examples include:
    • Playground Equipment
    • LED Lighting Structures
    • Port-A-Let Enclosures
    • Metal Shade Pavilions
  2. Trinity River. Improvements along the Trinity River that Mayfest has funded include:
    • Share the Trail Signage
    • Share the Trail Public Awareness Campaign
    • Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Pedestrian Bridge Signage
    • Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Pedestrian Bridge Landscaping
  3. Community Programs. Mayfest has also funded several community programs, including:
    • Kids in the Kitchen
    • Pancake Breakfast
    • All Aboard Training Program
    • Junior MINTS

Mayfest 2019Mayfest — More Than Just a Festival

So, the next time you think of Mayfest, you might still first think of the fun-filled family festival in May. You might imagine eating a turkey leg or listening to music along the Trinity River or browsing through the art and gift market.

But, you may also remember that Mayfest helps make Fort Worth into the community you love — a community that is able to thrive and grow. A community, that with Mayfest’s support, will continue to develop enhanced, interactive, and personal experiences for Fort Worth citizens.

Remember, the festival may only be four days long, but Mayfest’s impact can be felt throughout the entire year!

Mayfest is more than just a festival! The purpose of Mayfest is to raise and contribute funds for the Trinity River, surrounding parks, and community programs. The proceeds generated by this wonderful event are used to provide grants that support our local parks and river development and community projects, ensuring a quality of life enjoyment for all area citizens. Over the past 46 years, Mayfest has given back more than $7.4 million to the community through grants from our founding partners. The festival may only be four days long, but Mayfest gives back 365 days a year! Visit the festival’s website at, or look it up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

MayfestEmily Allison works as the marketing manager for Mayfest, Inc. A 2006 graduate of the Schieffer School of Journalism at TCU, Emily worked in the marketing industry for several years and began volunteering with Mayfest in 2014. She very quickly fell in love with the organization and was soon hired to staff where her passion for improving the community grew immensely. Emily currently lives in Fort Worth with her husband and two daughters.


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