‘Twas the Night Before School Starts


starting first grade‘Twas the night before school starts and all through my home,
Nothing was quiet, not even my phone.
The backpacks were packed and lined up by the door.
New uniforms were strewn all over the floor.
All kids were awake, with those first-day fears.
They got snuggled and hugged, as we wiped their tears.

Finally settled, I climbed into bed.
Exhausted, I silenced the thoughts in my head.
It seemed only minutes; my alarm made its noise.
I woke with a groan, then got up the boys.
Downstairs we tumbled, rubbing our eyes,
Buttoning our shirts, and tying our ties.

The sun shone through windows; it’s glow lit our table. 
We ate and packed lunches, then were ready and able.
On to the school, we journeyed by road,
With backpacks and lunchboxes, we carried a load.
Teachers greeted us with bright, shining faces.
They gave us such ease in this newest of places.

Opened car doors, and guided our way.
They gave us directions, on this, the first day.
“To kinder, to first, to second and third.
Here’s fourth, fifth, and sixth, if you haven’t heard.
Turn left for the gym and right for the office.
The lunchroom’s the place where we dismiss.”

school anxiety, night before school

I grabbed their hands as we walked to the school.
We looked at pictures and read the new rules.
The bulletin boards were thoughtful and new,
With perfect cute sayings, and a picture or two.
A glance at the clock told us the time
Right on cue, the bell started to chime.

We scurried along to get to their rooms.
Our rapid heartbeats were turning to booms.
Our nerves were frayed, teeth started to chatter.
Parental demeanors got sadder and sadder.
And all of the sudden, we’d arrived at the door.
Our oldests are ready, to learn a year more.

We peeked inside, and the teacher was there.
I kissed their cheeks and smoothed down their hair.
They smiled for pictures as they held their new packs,
Then inside they went, without a look back.
The youngest was ready, he knew ’twas his turn.
He was excited to play, to laugh, and to learn.

A smile for the camera, a kiss, and a hug.
When he walked away, my heart gave a tug.
With now empty hands, I trudged through the halls.
I held it together, didn’t let the tears fall.
Slowly I moved, heading outside.
The past 24 had been quite a ride.

I sat in my car and pulled out my phone,
To post and to hashtag, so I felt less alone.
I turned the keys and let out a sigh.
The beginning is done; I bid it goodbye.
Another milestone is in the books.
I’m left only with memories and pictures I took.
As I leave the lot, I mentally cheer,
“Good luck to you all, this brand new school year.”


  1. Beautiful Emily! You are quite the poet and I’m literally in tears after journeying through this emotional roller coaster with you.


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