Won’t You Be My Neighbor? {Tarrant County Grandmas Neighbor Group}



“Won’t you be my neighbor?” Here we are again, singing one of our favorite tunes by Mister Rogers. 

Tarrant County is a BIG place, and two BIG goals of the FWMB are building community and championing parenthood . . . TOGETHER. In an effort to support ALL journeys of parenthood and connect those on similar life paths, we are excited to announce that we’ve launched our Tarrant County Grandmas Neighbor Group! If you’re a grandma living in the Tarrant County area, raise your hands and do a little happy dance! This group is just for you! 

Our Tarrant County Grandmas Neighbor Group is a place for grandmas to seek advice, to get encouragement, and to even meet up with other grandmas around Tarrant County.

grandmaBelow is a little more information about our Neighbor Groups.

We hope you’ll join us!

So, what exactly is this Neighbor Group thing? Neighbor Groups are Facebook groups managed by FWMB for moms and dads throughout Tarrant County, from Keller to Cleburne, from Aledo to Arlington, and everywhere in between. We have localized Neighbor Groups, topical Neighbor Groups including ad dads group, and a Tarrant County moms conversation Neighbor Group to connect ALL the moms in and around Tarrant County. Each group has an assigned Neighbor Group leader who facilitates discussion and represents his or her neighborhood/interest group/etc. The Neighbor Group leaders for our localized groups also plan monthly play dates or meet ups for the members of their groups. Neighbor Groups are our solution for making our big city feel small; our way of taking the online FWMB community and fostering real-life, face-to-face friendships and support systems for parents in our area. Our hope is to create a safe place for moms (and dads!) from all walks of life to share stories and to receive encouragement.

How can I join the Tarrant County Grandmas Neighbor Group? It’s simple! There are no fees, no memberships, and no minimum attendance or participation requirements. When you visit the Tarrant County Grandmas Neighbor Group Facebook page, you simply click the “Join” tab or input your name into the “Add Members” field, fill out the security questions, and click submit. Easy peasy.

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Want to join the FWMB team? Are you a pillar of community? Being a Neighbor Group leader may be right for you! Email the FWMB neighbor groups coordinator, Mary, at [email protected] for more information on what being a Neighbor Group leader for the Tarrant County Grandmas Neighbor Group. 


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