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I used to think it was fun getting up early on Black Friday and sneaking away with my mom in the early hours of the morning to shop for the best deals. It wasn’t even so much about the shopping as it was just joining in the hype. But like my hair, Fridays after Thanksgiving are getting grayer and grayer with age.

Here’s the deal (see what I did there) . . . I do not have time for that mess anymore. I’m not a morning person on the best of days. I’m a smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-the-day kind of gal. I need to wake up slowly. Gently. Besides, early morning is when the kids are the best cuddlers, and I’m just not willing to give up my morning quiet time for that craziness. I’ve modified my Black Friday shopping strategy to accommodate my “Gray” Friday laziness. Here are my tips for how to make the most out of your own Gray Friday. 

Starting Later 

I do not understand people willing to wait in line for hours just for a shot at being the first through the doors of a store on Black Friday. There is no deal in the world that would make that appealing to me. While you are waiting in line, freezing your tushies off, I’ll be warm in my bed (honestly, probably still asleep, but if not) browsing deals on the store’s website. I won’t even look at the doorbuster — I will probably never bust a door forevermore in my life.

Stores are wisening up to the lollygagging shopper like me, though . . . some are releasing deals throughout the day. If there is a deal I can’t pass up, I’ll check which of my closest stores has it in stock when I finally decide to get up and put on a bra to venture out. Starting later means I gave waking up on the right side of the bed the old college try, and I still get to participate in the Black Friday fun. 

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You can’t beat home delivery. It’s like the gift you give yourself.

Shopping Online

My favorite holiday tradition is doing the bulk of my shopping online. I have never felt like I missed out on a deal. Target is even doing Black Friday deals online, and if you are a Red Card holder (psssssttt . . . if you aren’t a Red Card holder and you regularly shop at Target, we have got to talk . . . call me) you get early access. With the click of a button, I can buy that same deal you waited in line for, and I never had to get out of my pajamas.

Then there’s always Cyber Monday. I’m much more of a Cyber Monday lover. Walmart is offering some early Black Friday deals starting Wednesday, November 21st, and Costco has a lot of deals online as well. 

I do as much of my shopping as possible online for home delivery, or for store pick up. I simply do not have the patience, the grace, or the brain cells left to fight crowds for holiday shopping. Why put yourself in an anxiety-promoting situation if you don’t have to?

Shopping on Saturday 

Best Buy is offering doorbusters and deals the Friday AND Saturday after Thanksgiving. Skip the Friday madness. Embrace the yoga/post-turkey pants, watch Hallmark Christmas movies on Friday, and take part in the (slightly) less crowded Saturday shopping day instead. Face it — the deals are going to be going strong from Black Friday until Christmas Day anyway. Black Friday is a gimmick. Why do now what you can put off until later? 

Shopping Local

Your friendly, neighborhood small business is offering deals too, you know. Local businesses often support schools and other non-profits in the area, so you’ll be spreading good cheer to more than just the business. You are almost guaranteed to have a more pleasant, personalized experience if you shop the local small businesses in your neighborhood than if you visit the big box stores, and you’ll be doing your part to stimulate your local economy. Well done, you! 

I do realize a lot of people enjoy the sport of Black Friday. Seriously, you’ll get no judgement here. I just happen to know my limits, and I know no good choices will be made if I drag myself out of the house crazy early in the morning and throw myself into a crowd of over-stressed, hustling and bustling people. Feel free to join me. We can talk Hallmark movies. Now, about that Red Card . . . . 

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