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They say it takes a village to raise little ones . . . and mama, we’re here to tell you it does. Motherhood is hard, and it’s even harder when you don’t have mom friends to share your mothering load.

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We know making friends can be a challenge. It’s hard to put yourself out there, and it’s scary to risk rejection. We’ve been there, we know . . . and we want to help you find your special mom friends. Everyone deserves those cherished friends in her life who have been there and done that, moms who are walking a similar path, and moms who just get it when you say you are utterly exhausted, or when all you want is adult conversation, or when you’re feeling that mom guilt about anything and everything. This is how our online Facebook groups, a.k.a. Neighbor Groups, came about. 

In 2015, we heard your pleas for ideas on how to connect with your community, connect with other moms, and meet people to build friendships for both you and your kiddos, because let’s face it . . . motherhood can be isolating and lonely at times.

In January 2016, we took action and launched our Neighbor Groups.

Now, here in 2019, we have 20 groups with more than 6,300 members combined! Area-specific groups are spread throughout Tarrant County, from Keller to Cleburne, from Aledo to Arlington, and everywhere in between. We have topical groups for moms walking a similar path, from adoption to food allergies, from moms of multiples to moms of special needs kids, and more. We have a group each for grandmothers, dads, and women struggling with fertility. If you are trying to find ways to connect with others moms, to put yourself out there, and to search for your village, look no further . . . our groups are for YOU, dear friend! 

FWM Neighbor Groups are our solution for taking our big city and making it feel small; our way of taking the online FWM community and fostering real-life, face-to-face friendships and support systems for moms in our area. Our hope is to create a safe place for moms from all walks of life to share stories and receive encouragement. There are no fees, no memberships, and no minimum attendance or participation requirements. All you have to do to be in a group is click “Join” and answer three questions (these help us keep our groups a safe space). We’ve made it as easy for you as possible. 

Once added to any of our groups, we encourage you to put yourself out there. Introduce yourself, ask any and all the questions you may have about motherhood or your area of town, share your moments of motherhood pride, share your struggles, and if you’re feeling up to it . . . join us at a play date. There’s no judgement in our groups, mama. We are walking that path, we have been on that path, and if we haven’t walked an exact path . . . well, we can listen and be there for you. Let us help you find your village. Let us be your village. We want to meet you, we want to know you, we want to be there for you. 

Neighbor Group Leaders 

Our groups are led by a team of moms called Neighbor Group Leaders. These ladies will decide, in conjunction with their group, a standing meet-up time and place for regular get-togethers. This could be a library story time meetup, play dates at a nearby park every first Friday of the month, or lunch at a local restaurant every other Wednesday. You can attend every meet up, or as your schedule allows.

We are currently looking for several mamas (and a dad!) to join our Neighbor Group leadership team to support and encourage fellow parents by building community in our online Facebook Neighbor Groups! You can learn more about the Neighbor Group Leader position HERE or by emailing us at [email protected]

Neighbor Groups in Tarrant County

Below is a list of our current groups. These boundaries are general, so feel free to join as many groups as you like. Click the name to be directed to that group’s Facebook page.

Tarrant County Moms :: Community + Conversation (all moms in the Tarrant County areas)

Tarrant County West (think Saginaw, Lake Worth, White Settlement)

Tarrant County North (think Keller, Watauga, Roanoke)

Tarrant County Northeast (think Colleyville, Grapevine, Southlake, Westlake)

Tarrant County South (think Crowley, Burleson, Cleburne)

Northwest Fort Worth (think the areas north of I-30, west of I-35W, inside the 820 loop)

Central Fort Worth (think within a 5 mile radius of downtown Fort Worth)

Southeast Fort Worth (think the areas south of I-30, east of I-35W, inside the 820 loop)

Southwest Fort Worth (think the areas south of I-30, west of I-35W, inside the 820 loop)

HEB (think Hurst, Euless, Bedford)

Parker County Moms :: Community + Conversation (think Aledo and west into Weatherford)

Arlington Area (think Arlington proper, including south to Mansfield and Kennedale, etc.)

What if I’m looking to connect with moms who are walking a special road like me? Sometimes life gets complicated. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes life goes against the grain, and you find yourself in a situation your friends cannot fully understand. We get it. That’s why in addition to our area groups, we also have topical groups where moms can find support from other moms walking that special road. These groups are not bound by area.

Adoptive Moms

Single Moms

Food Allergy Moms

Moms of Multiples

Moms of Special Needs Kids

Fertility Discussion with Tarrant County Moms

Tarrant County Grandmas

What are you waiting for? Join one (or three) today!


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