Junk-Free Easter Basket How-To


Walking down the Easter aisle can be daunting. If you happen to have your child in the shopping cart, add even more stress to your trip. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and just grab the pre-packaged, character-themed basket that will cost you an arm and a leg. Adding to that, there will be items thrown out within the month. You will most likely never use the basket again.   

Although it seems easy to just grab and go, if you plan ahead and add a few more minutes of your time, then you could easily get a cute and reasonably priced Easter basket that you will be satisfied with and your child will love.

Get a Basket to Last a “Lifetime”

Okay, not really a lifetime. But a neutral color will go with any theme. By purchasing a white or natural colored basket, you will get to re-use it for years to come. If you have time each year, add a special touch to the basket. You can add a character-themed liner or put a homemade tutu around it. But don’t stress yourself on that because you will have many great goodies to put inside the basket.

Stay Away from the Candy Aisle

Remind yourself that your child will go hunting for several eggs full of candy, so keep it simple. You can still add a few favorites, but focus on filling the basket with things that your child can play with or use long after Easter is over.

(Check out these candy-free prizes Emily Y found at the Houston Street Toy Co.)

Dollar Items

The one-dollar items are your friends for easy, budget-friendly basket items. If you are shopping throughout the year and you already know what theme or character your child will want, then grab a few items when you can. 

Purchase Online

No need to make that daunting trip with your child. Go online and purchase a few big items like coloring books, puzzles, water bottles, reading books, etc. This is also where you can get creative with your child’s favorite character items or personalized prizes.

Stick with a Theme

By knowing your theme, your shopping trip will be quick and easy. By having your character or theme set, all you will need to purchase at the store will be the colored grass and eggs to match. And remember you have the big items, so no need to get overwhelmed with all the little trinkets your child doesn’t need.

For instance, Easter Sunday happens to coincide with a Texas Rangers home game. This makes for a fun, special outing on a holiday. Your Easter baskets could be baseball-themed with something as extravagant as new Rangers t-shirts all the way to misters or character fans to keep cool. Filling the basket with items to be used that day is a great way to keep out the clutter!
Or what about a spring-themed basket filled with kid-sized garden tools, seed packets, and gift card to your local nursery? Or even a warm-weather bucket list basket filled with hints about fun things you’ll do this summer?

Fill and Stuff

Now that you have all your items ready, it is time to fill and stuff that basket. Spread your larger items in the back and add your smaller items to the front. Make sure you can see all the great items you purchased. Throw in a few of the eggs to make it look full, and your basket is complete.

Always remember simple is best. And I hope that by following these steps, you will get a basket you feel wasn’t just a waste of money but was filled with items that are actually useful.

What are you including in your child’s Easter basket?

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