What Makes a Preschool Exceptional?


Disclaimer :: The Children’s Courtyard ® sponsored and wrote this post about how to choose a preschool for your child and the services it offers parents and students. 

“Is My Child Ready for Elementary School?”

If you’re the parent of a young child, or children, chances are you’ve asked yourself this
question. In today’s world, parents want to be sure they’re giving their child every advantage and opportunity. That means ensuring their education begins early—and gets off to the right start.

So how do you choose a preschool? There are many factors to consider, so you want to weigh your options carefully and make sure that you’re making the best decision for your family.

The Children's CourtyardWhere to Start to Give Them the Best Start

Your mind can go ’round and ’round about what to ask and what to consider in your search for the best fit for your kiddo. It’s best to slow down and focus on few key areas. Consider these factors — and bring questions to the administration and staff of each potential school — when selecting a preschool experience for your child:

  • Curriculum and learning experiences.
  • Building safety and security.
  • Physical fitness, indoor, and outdoor activity.
  • Healthy food selections.
  • Extracurricular learning opportunities.
  • Communication with families.

At The Children’s Courtyard ® , you’ll find way more than just daycare. At this school,
achievement starts early. Its early childhood education experience begins in warm, nurturing, infant classrooms, and continues through programs for school-age students.

Philosophy Matters

Inspired by the HighScope educational philosophy, the foundation of the school’s approach to early education is active learning and children’s initiative. Children’s critical thinking, self-confidence, and problem-solving abilities are developed through strong teacher-child interactions and a robust plan-do-review process. The result is an independent child, ready for success.

Parents Matter

As a committed partner to busy, working parents, the school features flexible offerings such as full- and part-time enrollment options. Plus, they are committed to the complete well-being of your growing child through healthy food choices and plenty of physical activity.

The best part? You won’t miss a single precious moment. With the brightwheel mobile app for parents, you receive regular updates of your child’s day, including photos and videos!

Learn more at ChildrensCourtyard.com and schedule a tour today.

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