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Disclaimer :: This blog post is in partnership with TxDOT, however, the opinions of the writer are her own.

mom holding child's hand in a parking lot. There are so many things to prepare for as a new parent or even a seasoned parent when a baby is on the way. One of the most important baby items on EVERYONE’s must-have list is the child car seat for your car, which is a HUGE undertaking in itself. From researching the best child car seat out there and finding one that fits your budget and gives the most bang for its buck to figuring out how to buckle it in your car and actually getting it to fit your baby when he or she arrives, it takes a ton of time and energy and resources. And even then . . . it’s easy to question if you’re making the best choice . . the safest choice every step of the way. All of these concerns and questions come back around once your baby hits toddler age and is ready for a bigger child car seat . . . and then again once your toddler becomes a “big kid” and is in need of a booster seat. 

That’s where the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) comes into play. Not only will TxDOT show you how to put any child car seat in your car, but it will help you every step of the way from picking out the best child car seat and securing it in your car to making sure all kiddos are buckled properly. 

The Facts

According to the CDC, the highest death rate for children is caused by motor-vehicle traffic crashes.   

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that 46 percent of children’s car seats are used incorrectly. Let that sink in . . . FORTY-SIX PERCENT! 

Now, let me ask you . . . are you 100 percent sure your child (of any age) is buckled properly in his or her child car seat? After getting your car seat checked through, you won’t question or doubt . . . you’ll KNOW that your child is safely secured.  

The Why

  • It’s completely FREE to get your child car seat checked through for all kiddos at any stage at any age. 
  • It’s EASY with only four quick steps. You just have to go online, find a location near you, enter in how many car seats need to be checked, and they’ll contact you to make an appointment that best fits your schedule. 
  • The staff can HELP you pick out a child car seat any time. Not sure what car seat to choose or where to even start? Save yourself some time and trouble by going straight to the professionals. Ask and will share a wealth of knowledge about all things car seats. 
  • Last, but most certainly not least, using the appropriate child car seat could SAVE your child’s life. Taking a few minutes out of a single day can make all the difference between life and death. 

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