Love My Local: Grapevine


Come hang around south Grapevine. There is gloriousness everywhere you turn! I seriously love my city.

Buon Giorno is a legitimate coffee shop and place to hang out. There is even a little section in the back for your toddlers to play around (with a little train table). Experiment with your beverage here because the coffee is divine and you cannot go wrong! Redefined Coffee House is another newer coffee shop in the area, and it is also so, so good. What a chic building they’ve created, too! Talk about ambiance!

Parr Park in Grapevine
Photo courtesy of Grapevine Parks and Rec

We frequent Parr Park and all of the connecting bike trails. There is so much to do at this park, but I just love how my kids will often prefer to go on a nature walk with me (past the soccer fields and over the bridge) over time spent at the playground. We throw leaves, stones, or sticks into the water from the center of the bridge while listening to a nearby rooster crowing constantly. It’s the good life! 

Parr Park in Grapevine, Texas, is a fun place for little kids to play.

Bricks and Minifigs is a new spot in our neck of the woods. Think about what you spend for Legos, Lego people. Now imagine buying beautifully kept second-hand Legos for less. Count us in! My kids gave all extended family members a minifigure they created to “be” each of them for Christmas, shown below. Creativity goes wild here! We also had a very successful and fun birthday party here recently.

Glade Parks is up and coming. It’s a shopping center with restaurants and great stores that has popped up so rapidly! It seems like there was nothing there yesterday, and now it’s loaded with fun places.

I’m grateful for all of the diversity of food, shopping, and fun that we get to experience because of this new area.

Kids love playing with legos at Bricks and Minifigs in Grapevine, Texas.

The schools in Grapevine are simply superb. We’ve been thrilled with both our private preschool and our public school experiences with Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District. One thing I’m more pleased with than I could’ve hope: These teachers care. What a blessing to watch your children learn and grow in such a safe setting where they feel so loved.

We’ve come to the conclusion we’re never ever moving.

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Amber has been married to her college sweetheart from Texas A&M, Kyle, for 11 years. They encountered the difficulty of infertility, and it became the biggest blessing of their lives when it pushed them to pursue adoption. Both of their kids (Willow and Jonas) were born in China and adopted as toddlers; attachment has been a beautiful and unique story with each of them. Amber used to teach and then followed her passion to help children as a school counselor before becoming a mom. Although Amber stays at home with her children now, one day a week she gets to practice play therapy as a licensed professional counselor at Family Connections Counseling in Colleyville. Faith, family, and friends are especially important to Amber. On a day off, you can find her playing games, laughing, reading, talking, sleeping, watching a movie, or enjoying family time outside.


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