Seasons of Mom-ing


Life is a roller coaster. Up and down. Sometimes we love the thrill, and sometimes we want off. I want to take a minute to fully appreciate the seasons of life. The ups and the downs are what makes our lives spectacular.

Winter Loneliness

Sometimes parenting can be cold, like a snowflake in winter.Winter claws at us. To those in the middle of a constant challenge, keep clawing right back at it. Your baby won’t let you sleep, or your parent is ill. Your body is in constant pain, or you don’t know how to pay the next bill.

To me, this is the best time to be reminded: we are in a season that won’t last forever. Maybe we’re bundled up tight and not a soul can get to the truth of who we are under those hats and scarves. Winter will thaw, and someone will know us intimately like that again. Wait for it, Mama. The trials won’t all last. Be brave! Hang on during this cold, icy, and sometimes lonely season.

Spring Renewal

Spring is new life, opening a gift, flowers blooming, the laugh of a child, a new and adventurous date night. Spring is my favorite. It’s so glorious that we don’t mind an occasional bee sting. Springtime moments in life give immense relief from the harsh winters we are escaping. I think this is a good time to be in the present moment. Let grief from our past or anticipation about the future just hang on for a minute while we stop to smell the roses. Today is a good day, we’re surrounded by good people, and our gratitude pours out like rain. It’s a wonderfully wonderful time!

Summer Constancy

As you know, summer brings the heat. There are times when we are blissful and sunny, but we still have to be “on” more than usual with the children. They need us more than ever during these moments; it can drain the life out of you by the end of the day. It is a fun season, but the fun can just wear us out. I say this is a great time to get a babysitter consistently! Also, this is a season to get comfortable saying “no,” both to our kids and to others. We need a break from this heat. We can’t keep pushing or our health will decline. Summer-y seasons are a great time to practice self care. Go into that dark, cool room and get that massage! Ahh!

Fall Order

Fall brings us relief. The children are more self sufficient again. Routines have righted our worlds. We gain a bit more control and it feels incredible. We also have more of a reprieve from the constancy of the kiddos. They need us a bit less, and we are sharing the sometimes heavy responsibility of them with our terrific community. We drink pumpkin spice lattes with our friends and laugh as the leaves drop all around us. More time to be with friends is so appreciated! And after the pressure and heat of summer, it’s soothing. We have others to help us. We are NOT alone!

Of course, your seasons won’t sound exactly like this. Each of us is unique, and our seasons with our kids are unique, too. However, I urge you to consider this today. Ask yourself, “What season are we in?”

Life comes at us fast! We have seasons of life, we have seasons of marriage and friendship, and we have seasons of parenting. My hope is that this message can help fellow moms gain a bit of self awareness and perspective. Maybe we can all pause to appreciate where we’ve been, where we are at currently, and where we are headed.

What an awesome piece of collaborative art we can see our lives are becoming when we zoom out to appreciate it.

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Amber has been married to her college sweetheart from Texas A&M, Kyle, for 11 years. They encountered the difficulty of infertility, and it became the biggest blessing of their lives when it pushed them to pursue adoption. Both of their kids (Willow and Jonas) were born in China and adopted as toddlers; attachment has been a beautiful and unique story with each of them. Amber used to teach and then followed her passion to help children as a school counselor before becoming a mom. Although Amber stays at home with her children now, one day a week she gets to practice play therapy as a licensed professional counselor at Family Connections Counseling in Colleyville. Faith, family, and friends are especially important to Amber. On a day off, you can find her playing games, laughing, reading, talking, sleeping, watching a movie, or enjoying family time outside.


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