Perfect Location for Photos, Parties, and Professionals

inside Urban Firehouse
The interior of Urban Fire House offers a universal backdrop for parties and photo shoots. Photo by Matti Gresham.

Let’s cut to the chase: If you’re on the hunt for the “just right” medium-sized venue, Fort Worth Moms found it. This hidden gem is spot on for the lover of clean lines and modern decor but has enough vintage charm and warmth to win over that traditionalist. And what is the name of this venue oasis?

The Urban Fire House is our perfect spot for photos, parties, and professionals. In fact, we like it so much is was our chosen location for our most recent team photo shoot (pics, along with a big announcement coming soon — eek). Which leads us to our first point . . . 

Urban Firehouse
Urban Fire House opened in February 2019 and includes a luxury kitchen, audio/visual options, conference room, and bathrooms. Photo by Hunter Coon.

Photo Ops

The Urban Fire House is a renovated firehouse; yes, an actual firehouse, which creates so many interesting architectural features. Interior designer Ginger Curtis purchased North Richland Hills’ abandoned fire station to be home of her international award winning design firm Urbanology Designs. Her design skill and sense then transformed the station into a modern and inviting space with white walls and sleek lines. The fire house is already outfitted with couches, backdrops, and props that make it the ideal location for a photo shoot — professional or for your family. (The website shows you the props already on site!) And did we mention the 36 feet of glass at front of the building use to be the garage doors? Hello, perfect lighting.

Oh, and there’s also the option of including both indoor and outdoor photo ops. There are great staged and natural spots to capture that photographic magic.

Parties A’Plenty

Most gatherings — whether it be birthday parties, reunions, office parties, baby showers — need a medium-sized space. Private rooms at restaurants are too small while rentable venue spaces are often wayyyy too large. We’re a little on the relieved side to tell you that the Urban Fire House is the perfect size — not too big, not too little. 

It’s minimal and soothing design make it inviting and comfortable. The modern white walls and clean feel make the perfect blank canvas to be a Christmas party one night and a 40th birthday tea the next afternoon. Urban Fire House hosts all types of celebrations: weddings, receptions, birthday parties, retirement parties, holiday parties, office parties, and on and on.

Urban Firehouse Front
Urban Fire House can hold up to 95 guests, making it a perfect venue for weddings, parties, and other events. Photo by Hunter Coon.

Professional Possibilities

Not only is the event space great for office parties, seminars, business meetings, luncheons, and the like, but it also offers beautiful, rentable office spaces. The fireman suites are now office spaces and conference rooms!

Urban Fire House staff offers tours of the building, so feel free to reach out if you’re curious if this space and/or venue would fit your needs. Be sure to tell them Fort Worth Moms said hello.


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