10 Christmas Crafts for Toddlers (that Don’t Require Going to the Craft Store)


I love Christmas crafts, especially Christmas crafts for toddlers. Something about children’s crafts at Christmas time makes every parent’s heart melt and want to keep them forever and possibly display them at their child’s wedding. I admit we have a box of crafts for our own children intermingled with our own childhood crafts.

But let’s be honest: Although we love the cute crafts, we don’t want to run back and forth to the arts and craft store for supplies. So, here are some fun holiday craft ideas for your toddler that you probably already have all the supplies for. Who knows, they may become a Christmas tradition

Christmas fork tree: You can use a plastic or real fork to create this cute tree. This is so cute and does not require a lot of paint. You can easily frame these and give them as gifts to grandparents.

Paper plate wreath: Okay, I know everyone has made one of these but what would a holiday craft list be without the paper plate Christmas wreath! It’s the ideal Christmas craft for toddlers.

Paper wreath with torn paper: So if your toddler is working on those fine motor skills, have him or her tear (or work on cutting skills) red and green tissue paper and glue those onto your wreath.

Paper plate angel: Staying on the paper plate trend, try this cute idea of using plates and glitter to make a Christmas angel! 

Threading tree: This takes a bit more parent prep due to the hole punching, but the threading part is great for toddler, especially if your kiddo has any interest in sewing. I did not use a lid as shown in the tutorial but rather used a disposable party plate. It held up just fine.

Sponge wreath: Everyone has a spare sponge somewhere in their cabinets. This is a great craft, and you do not need a lot of paint for it work. This means less to clean!

Caps Christmas tree: YES! Something to do with those apple sauce pouch lids! Make a tree using those green lids. If you have a lot of colored lids you can use those as ornaments on your lid tree!

Cereal candy cane: You could run to the craft store and buy pony beads to do this craft, but when it is cold and you have a perfectly good box of fruit loops you can use, I opt to stay in my warm cozy house. 

Potato ornament stamp: This was a fun one. It took some knife skills to get the potato pieces to actually look like ornaments, but once that part was done my toddler had a blast. I will say that my nine year old came up with more creative designs using tooth picks and grapefruit spoons than just the straight lines that I did. 

Balance Christmas tree: This is more of an activity rather than a craft, but I loved this idea. It actually became a creative jumping-off point for my kids. The toddler liked to walk the lines. My older kids used things around the house to “decorate the tree.” Then they came up with a game where one person got to be the angel on top of the tree. Bonus: Of all the Christmas crafts for toddlers, this one takes little effort and no messy paint to clean up!

Gingerbread man paper roll: Everyone can find and empty toilet paper roll in their home! For the arms and legs, we just cut up a paper grocery bag (because this mama did not even have colored construction paper).

Marshmallow snowman: During hot chocolate season everyone has a bag of mini marshmallows in the back of their pantry. If you mom like me, the bag was probably opened and forgotten, and now they are mostly stale. So this is a good way to use those marshmallows rather than just throw them away. Glue them to make a snowman, Santa’s beard, or even an igloo! Let them get creative and have fun!

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