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This post is contains sponsored content from bartaco and is designed to let local moms know about a delicious restaurant option in Fort Worth.

What’s shakin’ at bartaco? Better question is — what isn’t shakin’ at bartaco? This past weekend bartaco kicked off National Margarita Day, with a unique celebration of its own. Bartaco takes no shortcuts when it comes to celebrating their go-to cocktail — that’s why the restaurant has turned National Margarita Day into #bartacoMargaritaMarch. From hibiscus tea to cantaloupe juice and poblano liqueur, they’re muddling, mixing, and shaking up a bunch of bold new flavors.

Bartaco invites you on a sensational cocktail adventure as it launches a fresh, vibrant, and exciting margarita-inspired cocktail each week. What’s lined up? Peek at a lineup below to pick your dragonfly drink of choice:

bartaco's hibiscus mezcalita drink is a great way to celebrate national margarita day.: Hibiscus Mezcalita :  February 22 – March 3

Tart and citrusy with a hint of smoke, the hibiscus mezcalita is mixing up flavors of libélula tequila, mezcal, fresh-squeezed blood oranges and limes, housemade ginger agave simple syrup, and hibiscus tea. This colorful cocktail is garnished with a candied hibiscus flower and hibiscus sugar-salted rim.

: Oaxacan Sunshine :  March 4 – March 10Brighten up with bartaco's oaxacan sunshine drink.

Take a sip and be transported to warmer days — the Oaxacan Sunshine is giving juicy fruit flavors, with a touch of tiki and bittersweetness. Libélula tequila, Suze liqueur, passionfruit syrup, muddled tangerines and mint, fresh-squeezed lime juice, agave simple syrup, and mezcal mist, garnished with a fresh mint sprig and chia seed sprinkle.

Have bartaco's refreshing verde cooler drink.: Verde Cooler :  March 11 – March 17

Cool and refreshing, with a pop of poblano pepper — the verde cooler is bartaco’s spin on a spirited green juice. shaking up flavors of Libélula tequila, poblano liqueur, fresh-squeezed cucumber juice, lime, and agave simple syrup, strained in a rocks glass with a rim dipped in ancho verde chile salt.

: Golden Hour : March 18 – March 24golden-hour-drink-bartaco

Floral and fruity, balanced by subtle savory notes and effervescence, the Golden Hour cocktail is kicking off spring with flavor. Shaking up Libélula tequila, Cappelletti, salted fresh cantaloupe juice, lime, agave simple syrup, and float of flower power bubbly, then topped off with an edible viola flower.

Drink a northern lights drink at bartaco in Fort Worth.: Northern Lights : March 25 – March 31

Pouring up at the end of margarita March is the Northern Lights cocktail. Watch the cocktail transform in front of your eyes, as a sidecar of chilled butterfly tea adds a splash of bartaco blue to shaken up Libélula tequila, elderflower liqueur, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and agave simple syrup.

Inspired by a healthy, outdoor lifestyle, bartaco combines fresh, upscale street food with a coastal vibe in a relaxed environment. bartaco is specialty cocktails crafted with fresh-squeezed juices, beer out of a bottle, and hand-held foods delivered on metal trays. The rustic design complements the spirited bold and bright flavors of bartaco’s eclectic menu. The stylish ambience, cocktails, and freshly prepared tacos and “not tacos” create an unforgettable experience.

Visit bartaco’s website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Call bartaco at 817-66-8226, and visit at 1701 River Run, Ste. 183, Fort Worth, Texas.


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