How Are You Spending This Extra Time at Home with Your Children?


:: Disclaimer :: This post was was sponsored and written by My Health My Resources of Tarrant County to bring helpful information to Fort Worth Moms readers.

How many of us feel prepared to stay home with our children when juggling working from home or even continuing to go to work given the current situation? 

The daily stresses we face are new to so many of us. We are in a new time and age, and it is one that we must come together to help each other get through. And yes, come together, not physically, but socially through other means. 

We are being asked to be aware of “social distancing,” but what we need to keep in mind is “physical distancing” is the actual request. Being “socially connected” is needed now more than ever for our own mental health and the mental health of those around us, including our children. 

“Being socially connected during a crisis or pandemic is crucial to mental health,” said Dr. Michael Parker, senior clinical director for My Health My Resources (MHMR) of Tarrant County. “Please join me in replacing the term ‘socially distanced’ with ‘physically distanced’ while promoting ‘social connectedness. I am encouraging everyone to call and talk with friends and relatives in order to remain socially connected.” 

Fortunately, we live in a time when being socially connected has never been easier. Through technology, we are able to call or video chat with friend and family all around the world. These types of activities will help us stay connected while being physically distant for everyone’s safety.

The downside to all of this is the confinement. The messages we must share with our children about what is happening and why we can’t leave the house are difficult to maneuver and understand for some, especially the younger ones.

Parents can find activity ideas on My Health My Resources.The Early Childhood Services team at MHMR, as well as many others across Tarrant County, is here to guide how to help children better understand what is going on and what activities parents can provide while confined to our homes. Many companies are offering a lot of free resources online during this time. 

Everything from free educational subscriptions, online books, museum tours, and even Broadway plays can be experienced right now. These additional resources can make parents feel better about their new role as a teacher, and it will most definitely give them a better appreciation for those who work with our children on a daily basis. 

During coronavirus, focus on physical separation instead of social distancing.Enjoy this extra time with your children and your family. Learn with them. Enjoy new things and enjoy being together. Take the time to be social with friends and family from afar through technology and share these new experiences with them as well.

It is a new time, and we must work together to get through it. Look after one another, especially our children, for they will be the ones who share stories of how they got through. Make them good stories.

Additional Resources and Notes

  • During physical distancing, social connection is even more important.
  • During these uncertain times, if you need someone to talk to about your mental health, please call or text the MHMR ICARE Call Center at 817-335-3022. Trained mental health professionals available 24-7 who can assist you. Your mental health is important and there is help available. 
  • Help Me Grow North Texas serves as a one-stop-shop for pregnant individuals and families with children through age six. Help Me Grow North Texas links families to early childhood resources, service providers, and child development information based on the families’ presented needs, such as for childcare, nutritional supports, housing assistance, and developmental screenings. Contact at 844-NTX-KIDS.
  • Behind the phone lines are Help Me Grow North Texas Navigators, who specialize in connecting pregnant women and families with young children under the age of six to community support to meet their unique needs. The staff are given the title of “navigators” because they help families navigate through available community resources and services to meet the families’ needs.
  • Navigators answer calls that come through the Help Me Grow North Texas phone line Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call 844-NTX-KIDS (844-689-5437) or visit
  • If you need other community resources, call 211. 

For a list of activities mentioned above, visit Be sure to check out Fort Worth Moms’ “{Virtual} Around Cowtown” and “Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Coronavirus Spring Break” for more resources.


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