Creative Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in 2020


This year celebrations have a different meaning with the ongoing COVID-19 keeping us in our homes. We have to find alternative ways to celebrate.

Cinco de Mayo usually means eating tacos and drinking margaritas, and while those are all delicious, it is also a day to teach. Include this lesson in your schooling! This is the time for us to teach our children to become aware of other cultures and traditions, including the hispanic culture.

cinco de mayo decorationsThere are many misconceptions about Cinco de Mayo being Mexico’s Independence day, but that is not true. (That is celebrated in September.) So many view Cinco de Mayo as a day to eat amazing Mexican food, but there is meaning behind the day. Cinco de Mayo is the day that celebrates the Battle of Puebla. This battle was between the Mexican army and its victory over the French forces.

Here are some fun ideas to make the most of Cinco de Mayo:

  • If you wish to celebrate this day while in quarantine, be festive by decorating in bright yellow, red, and orange streamers.
  • Enjoy tacos and margaritas, but also spend this day with loved ones and reflect on the many contributions that Mexicans have made to the United States.
  • Make those tacos, or tamales, or even try a new making pozole! I have yet to master it but will still try to make it this holiday.
  • Check out this list of hispanic heritage books you children will enjoy.
  • Make Cinco de Mayo a day of education and inclusion; make a donation to first-generation Mexican college students, a non-profit supporting the Hispanic community, or just make a donation to a worthy cause, perhaps of Mexican influence.

However you plan to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, it is important to remember to make it a day surrounded by those you love and making the food you love because in times of crisis, familia is always important.


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