11 Fun, Family-Friendly Alternatives to Trick or Treating in 2020


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As you can imagine, Trick or Treating is going to look very different this year. When gathering information for our annual guide we discovered that most, if not all, formal activities are cancelled (#2020)! With the help of some creative mommas and guidelines from the CDC, Fort Worth Moms gathered some fun alternative options for making the most out of Halloween 2020. You can also visit our Guide to Fall Activities for more information on pumpkin patches and safe, family-friendly fun.

  1. Boo Bash! Who needs “Secret Santa”? Make a Halloween version where neighbors/friends/family all draw a house to “boo.” On October 31, get dressed up and go to your assigned house to decorate its porch or yard and deliver treats and candy. When you return to your house, your kids will find that you’ve been “booed” too!
  2. Costume or Storybook Parade. Organize a date and time for kids to line up in their cosutmes for a parade around the block. As they end the parade, have a table set up with pre-wrapped goodie bags to take home.
  3. Goodie Baskets! Take a cue from the Easter bunny and create Halloween baskets for your kiddos — complete with favorite treats, fall-themed books, and prizes.
  4. Halloween at Home! Need to really stay home? Everyone dresses up and goes door-to-door in your own house for tricks and treats. You could even assign one door to each family member to decorate . . . or create theme doors . . . and make a door or two “scary” or silly with tricks instead of treats.
  5. Halloween Movie Night! Make Halloween a night in for your family with a themed Halloween movie night. Of course, pick a flick that’s appropraite for your kids. Also, think of ways to make the night “extra”: maybe themed snacks, favorite candies and treats, Halloween-themed goodie basket, festive paper plates and napkins, turn off all the lights during the movie, etc. 
  6. Piñatas! Grab a Halloween pinanta or two or three and stuff it with your family’s favorites. We can all get out some 2020 pent-up frustration with a few swings — ha.
  7. Try using stickers or paint to decorate pumpkins this Halloween to avoid a trip to the emergency room.Pumpkin Bash! You have a couple of options here. (1) Set a date and time to decorate pumpkins outside with your family and neighbors. You can set up a table station for each family represented and practice social distancing. (2) Set up a station in your front yard to decorate as a family. Encourage your neighbors to do so on the same date and time. (By the way, we LOVE this carving set.)
  8. Pumpkin Parade! Show off your carved pumpkins by deocrating your porch or front yard. Neighbor families can then walk around for a viewing party. Even better — create a way for kiddos to vote on their favorite pumpkin with the winner earning a prize. Or line up the kiddos (six feet apart, of course) in their costumes holding the pumpkins as the walk a short parade route for the adults to see and cheer for their creations.
  9. Spooky Scavenger Hunt! You can execute the scavenger hunt with neighbors, family members and friends all around town, etc. Whatever works for where you live! This one does require a bit of prep work. Assign items from the scavenger hunt to specific houses to display in the front windows or porch. When the big night comes, dress the kids up in costume and visit the houses to find all the items. Each time a kiddo marks an item off his or her list, give a piece of candy and/or prize from a bag of goodies you bring with you. {FREE PRINTABLE SCAVENGER HUNT HERE}
  10. Trick or Treating 2.0. For Halloween ask neighbor and/or family and friends around town to set up a table in the front yard or driveway with individualized goodie bags. That ways kids can walk with their families, show off their costumes, and get treats! Each kid simply grabs one bag and moves to the next.
  11. Virtual Costume Contest! This is a great idea if you want to celebrate with far away friends and family — or even the special people you can’t be near this holiday because of the pandemic. Set the date and time for the contest — and the rules! Consider having prizes for different categories of costumes. Each kiddo would have a turn to tell about his or her costume choice, show any special effects, etc. Prized could be mailed to the winners.


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